American Idol 9 Semifinals: Top 10 Girls

7:07pm – Still no definitive word on whether Crystal Bowersox will perform tonight, or what AI will do if she can’t go.   I get the sense it’s going to be an airtime decision.  Rumors, based on the fact that last night’s text votes were answered by “thank you” texts with the girls’ names (due to the very last-minute switch to the guys), indicate that Crystal was scheduled up first. 

7:34pm – Indications are that either she performs or she’ll be disqualified.  Harsh, but there’s really not much else they can do.

7:50pm – FOX5 New York says she’s going to perform.  MJ’s Big Blog speculates that the decision was made a while ago, and FOX is milking it for viewership (well, yeah, I can see that)…

8:00pm – Showtime.

Ryan on-stage alone.  And a very brief intro.  So we start, at least, with no answer.

THIS… is American Idol! *hit the music*

The girls are on the spiral staircase… ALL TEN!  The intro from the staircase was in reverse performance order, by the way… Ryan interviews Crystal, who assures us that she’s ready to perform, and Ryan notes that she will be up first.  That done, we go to the judges for some pre-show banter.  OK, we don’t need Simon and Kara play-flirting, after all, we know Ryan has a hold on Simon’s heart… 🙂

Crystal Bowersox – “Long As I Can See The Light”, CCR (double A-side of “Lookin’ Out My Back Door”) – She’s back on guitar tonight.  Not bad… a good song for her singing style… she did a good job, solid enough to stay, although I’m not quite sure it deserved the overboard praise.   Then again, she’ll get plenty of votes anyway… it turns out that Seacrest confirmed her appearance about 10 minutes before showtime via Twitter.  Oh well, I’m not much of a Twitter person. 🙂

Haeley Vaughn – “The Climb”, Miley Cyrus – I think her nerves got her.  She was being way too careful, and there was no emotion in the song.  I thought it wasn’t all THAT bad (please don’t confuse that with “good”), I think the judges are overbashing, and I think VFTW will be keeping her as their project for this week.

Lacey’s Coca-Cola Red hair gets her into the Product Placement Red Zone…

Lacey Brown – “Kiss Me”, Sixpence None The Richer (Kara’s suggestion from last week) – At first, I thought we’d have to indict Kara for accessory to murder (of a song)… fortunately, it got better… but I’m not quite thrilled… OK, I guess, but not great.

Pimp Spot last week… Red Zone this week… no, they’re not pushing Katie on us…

Katie Stevens – “Put Your Records On”, Corrine Bailey Rae – Well, that deserves a WOW.  I’ve been waiting for a performance I can just sit back and enjoy, and this was it.  Best performance of the semifinals so far.  And, as always, the judges contradict themselves again and again… really, I’m SOOOOO tired of them at this point.  Simon’s blather about his record label explains, in just a few words, the reason the record industry is failing.

Didi Benami – “Lean On Me”, Bill Withers – Risky song choice… her voice is a little thin for the song, but overall, she held her own… probably good enough to get another week.  Damn, the judges are just a trainwreck tonight, aren’t they?

HALFTIME SCOREBOARD – I’d vote for Katie right now… Haeley and Lacey are hanging on the edge…

More Red Room time (the girls are closer to time than the guys were last night, so expect more Red Room), this time for Michelle…

Michelle Delamor – “With Arms Wide Open”, Creed – She did the song in a manner that fits her voice and style… so (and I’m writing this while she’s singing) the judges are about to crucify her for it… I enjoyed it, clearly one of the best of the night.  And I was half-right about the judges.  But the judges are half-assed, so it makes sense. 🙂

Look, more Product Placement!

Lilly Scott – “A Change Is Gonna Come”, Sam Cooke (or Seal, more recently) – She’s on guitar… I’m going to predict that the judges will tell her to find something “newer” (she did a Beatles track last week)… she did all right, but I’m not sure this was the right song… still good stuff, though.  Hmm… the judges throw another curve.   How can any contestant take their notes seriously? 

Are they giving everyone a Red Room interview tonight?  Odd…

Katelyn Epperly – “The Scientist”, Coldplay – On piano… and yes, they got the product placement shot of the piano… :)  She’s got a very nice voice… but this performance did nothing for me.  Slow, dull… she’s put herself right in the firing line, alas.

Paige Miles – “Walk Away”, Kelly Clarkson – Not bad… better than last week, and I enjoyed listening.  Good showcase for her voice, and good enough for her to stay around.  Too bad Simon was preoccupied during the song.  Check your DVR – early in the song, when they shoot from behind her to the judges’ panel.

Siobhan Magnus – “Think”, Aretha Franklin – Risky choice… a bit of a rough ride, but she put herself in the middle of the pack… although the screeching at the end was a bit problematic. 

Roll the montage as we head for the Big Finish… and there’s even time for more mindless blathering from the judges before we go…

The Big Finish:

I’D VOTE FOR: Katie (barely, over Crystal and Michelle)

I’D SEND HOME: Haeley, Katelyn (barely, over Lacey)

Results (and Danny Gokey) tomorrow night, but I’ll be away from the computer during the live show… so I’ll throw up a few comments later tomorrow night.  Enjoy the show… and, of course, your late local news is next… 🙂


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