American Idol 9 Semifinals: Top 10 Guys

Update: the “medical issue”, according to US Weekly (and others), is that Crystal Bowersox went into diabetic coma this morning.  Fortunately, after her hospital visit, she’s reportedly recuperating.  Still no word on what happens if she can’t go tomorrow night…

…and given that this isn’t all that funny, I’ll save the snark for after the start of the show tonight. :) 

THIS… is American Idol! *hit the music*

Standard pre-taped opening… cut to the guys on the spiral staircase.   Quick explanation of the “medical issue” (at least, that part which Fox’s lawyers let Ryan explain) and why the guys are here… cue the judges (interesting… Randy has moved to the wing this week, and Ellen next to Kara… hmmm…), and discussion of how the change will affect their performances… Kara thinks their performances will improve over last week (we HOPE so!)… Simon, when asked if the guys or girls are out front right now, weasels that the girls are “slightly”… we dive right in with “Big Mike”…

Michael Lynche – “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”, James Brown – Nice start.  Since nobody can sound like the Godfather, he had to “make it his own” (to abuse that judges’ phrase)… and he did it well.  I enjoyed it.  Kara Drool Count: one. :)  And the big guy has a sense of humor (“I was getting a pedicure… I mean, I was at the gym” when the call came to perform tonight)… that’ll help…

Hmm… John Park gets the Product Placement Red Room treatment… given his bomb last week, he needs all the help he can get…

John Park – “Gravity”, John Mayer – Well, this was an improvement over last week… technically better, but I don’t think the song connected… he sang the song, but didn’t really get into it.  OK, but not great.  Simon’s got a point, this could be the end, depending on how the rest of the night goes.

Casey James – “I Don’t Want To Be”, Gavin DeGraw – Definitely an Idol staple, he needs to do something unique here… OK, the electric guitar makes it unique…  but the singing didn’t.   Where was the energy that you’d put into a song you “love”?  Again, technically good, but still a misfire.  I think he’ll be back, though.  Too many teenage girls have AT&T cellphones. :)  Wow… Kara wasn’t drooling!

Back to the Red Room for some Alex Lambert pimpage… before the B-roll makes him seem like a blithering idiot…

Alex Lambert – “Everybody Knows”, John Legend – I think what Everybody Knows is that this was uncomfortable… his voice hit like a brick to the temple… he sounded terrified.    I didn’t enjoy it at all… why are the judges falling all over this?  Simon said what I was thinking… if Alex comes back, and takes the advice, maybe he can last a while… but first, he has to come back…?

Product Placement Red Room pimpage for the conniving, scamming con-man.  Click on his name so you can get an idea as to why I so desperately want him to fail…

“Fraudrick” Hall – “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, Tina Turner – …the problem is, he’s NOT failing.  He’s a good singer, and is creative with his performances.  So I’ll leave this the way VFTW does when they review his work.  Pay the kids back, Todrick.  Hmmm… the judges are just killing him tonight.  I wonder…

HALFTIME SCOREBOARD – Michael has my “would-vote”.  Alex has to be hoping for some help…

Jermaine Sellers – “What’s Going On”, Marvin Gaye – *facepalm* He clearly doesn’t understand the song at all… it’s a protest song, and he’s singing it as a ballad… completely missed on it, wandered musically, and it was… just… not good.   Jermaine… stop whining, it’s unseemly.

Andrew Garcia – “You Give Me Something”, James Morrison (who I clearly have to look into, that’s two of his songs so far this season) – Interesting song.  Likeable performance, but no real enthusiasm or fire behind it… another “just there” performance.  Not bad, just kind of blah…

I continue to be irritated by the judges bitching that a song isn’t “original”, that singers should “make the song their own”… and then trashing them when they DO make the song their own.  Really, for AI10, let’s drop all the judges and start over.  And tell them that they can’t talk about song choice.  Forever.  OK, enough ranting.

Aaron Kelly – “My Girl”, Temptations – I don’t know that I ever wondered what a lite-pop version of this song would sound like… but now I know.  That said, he did as good as job as just about anyone tonight.  Right behind Michael.  Kara comes dangerously close to drooling over a 16-year-old… and Aaron gets points for his honest non-reaction to the Justin Bieber question… 🙂

Tim Urban – “Come On Get Higher”, Matt Nathanson – Tim broke out the guitar this week… Wow, talk about a huge change from one week to the next…  I think he found his comfort zone.  I liked it.   VFTW is going to push him again after the drubbing he took from the judges, although despite Simon’s attempt at reverse psychology. 🙂

Lee Dewyze – “Lips Of An Angel”, Hinder – Interesting.  I kind of liked it, not really thrilled by it, but I think being in the Pimp Spot will help.  He definitely did well enough to stay, considering what came before.

Changing the Big Finish… after my dismal performance on last week’s predictions, I’m not going to predict who America will send home… I’ll just tell you who I’d vote for, and who I’d send home.

The Big Finish…

I’D VOTE FOR: Michael (although Aaron and Lee definitely were considered)

I’D SEND HOME: Alex, Jermaine

The girls (hopefully all 10) perform tomorrow… and Danny Gokey sings on the results show Thursday… your late local news is next… 🙂


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