American Idol 9 Semifinals: First Elimination

Over the last two nights, our confused judges told singers to take risks, but not to take risks.  Be original, but not TOO original.  Focus on the notes, but focus on the performance.  In short, please ignore the judges.

Tonight, four singers will find out that they really can ignore the judges – as they’ll be going home.  It’s a wide-open field… for all the wrong reasons.  Nobody really stood out all that much… and (almost) nobody sucked all that badly.  Refreshing your memory as to who I picked out…

  • I’D SEND HOME: Paige Miles, Haeley Vaughn, John Park, Tim Urban
  • AMERICA WILL SEND HOME: Paige Miles, Lacey Brown, John Park, Jermaine Sellers

I have no faith at all that I’ll be right about any of them.  So let’s get the carnage started… Ryan is about to tell you how that the talent this season is better than ever…and then (hopefully getting it right this time) say…

THIS… is American Idol! *hit the music*

As in the past, I’ll be timestamping the segments so you can see how Idol drags out the eliminations (in case you didn’t actually watch the show)…

8:00pm – We start with the usual pretaped “firing line” montage cold open.  Forgot to mention that he’d say “your votes are in”… oops… 🙂

24 million votes this week.  Nowhere near a record, as far as I know.

I can see why a lot of bloggers think that Simon has checked out on this season.  The vibe he’s giving off is… not good.

8:05pm – Group song is “American Boy” (Estelle featuring Kanye West).  Would it be wrong to say I was hoping that Kanye would come out, letting the Idols finish but… 🙂  And yes, that was awkward.

8:10pm – Ladies first.  “Dim the lights, here we go”… with the back row first.

  • Siobhan Magnus – safe.
  • Haeley Vaughn – safe.
  • Michelle Delamor – safe.
  • Katelyn Epperly – safe.
  • Katie Stevens or Janell Wheeler is leaving (wow, that’s a surprise, they were both favorites going in!) – Janell Wheeler is leaving – WOW, I never would have guessed.  Katie is safe.

At this point, while I’m sticking with Paige as the second girl to leave, I can now say I really don’t know.  I mean… all those Gator fans that didn’t vote for Janell?  What is this world coming to? 🙂

8:21pm – A break from the sturm und drang for AI8 finalist Allison Iraheta’s “Scars”.  No, that’s her new single, this isn’t some kind of freak show-and-tell… 🙂  Listening to that, it’s clear that none of this year’s girls have this kind of star power.   And now… back to the ladies…

  • Paige Miles (first?  she’s safe?) – yes, she’s safe.
  • Lacey Brown (second?  she’s safe?) – yes, she’s safe (even after Ryan’s first attempted fakeout).
  • Lilly Scott – safe.
  • Crystal Bowersox – safe.
  • (8:28pm) So either Ashley Rodriguez or Didi Benami is leaving (several bloggers thought Ashley was in trouble, and I did say Didi was on the edge, as I try to save face here) – Didi is safe.  Ashley Rodriguez is leaving.

Ashley and Janell performed second and third, respectively, on Tuesday.  Who says that placement on the show doesn’t matter? 🙂  And I’m 0-for-3 guessing on the ladies.  I feel like a sportswriter picking NFL games.

8:35pm – Back with rehearsal footage that… well… isn’t flattering to Tyler, rehearsing in a robe… dim the lights again…

  • Michael Lynche (get the obvious safe guy out of the way) – sure, he’s safe.
  • John Park (no, really?  SAFE?) – of course he is.  Sheesh. I’m 0-for-4.
  • Aaron Kelly – safe.
  • “Fraudrick” Hall – sadly, safe.
  • (8:38pm) Tim Urban or Joe Munoz is leaving – Tim is safe.  Joe Munoz is leaving. And I’m 0-for-5.  Man, credibility is overrated, isn’t it?

In case you’re wondering, I am going to keep blogging.  However, I may get out of the prediction business.  I’m obviously out of touch with the average Idol viewer (who, if you believe VFTW, is a 40-to-50-year-old housewife who’s morbidly obese and looking for wish fulfillment – not that *I* believe that, mind you)… speaking of the Worsters, congrats to them, as I have no doubt that Haeley and Tim getting the VFTW seal of approval helped get them through… 🙂

8:46pm – First, some Idol Gives HeadBack (yes, that’s a VFTW line that I stole) telethon news… the news is that the sponsors are in, and they get their cheap plug.  But tonight, Idol gives back to Haiti with version of “Let It Be” from Kris Allen.  It’s going to be an iTunes single, and all the proceeds go to Haiti earthquake relief.   But only for 24 hours?  Apparently.  Everything past 24 hours goes to the Idol Gives Head Fund instead of directly to Haiti.  Boy, isn’t that just sporting…

8:55pm – OK, one more victim… dim the lights…

  • Casey James – safe. Kara can drool for another week.
  • Jermaine Sellers (clean sweep!  woo hoo!) – safe. Yes, 0-for-6.
  • Lee Dewyze – safe.
  • Andrew Garcia – saved by the Pimp Spot.
  • (8:57pm) Alex Lambert or Tyler Grady is leaving – Simon says Tyler is leaving. Ryan says… Alex is staying.  Tyler Grady is going home.

And Tyler goes home badly… throwing the judges under the bus for a lack of constructive criticism.  I guess he never watched the show before. 🙂

In retrospect, only Janell’s elimination is a major surprise.  I was sure she would make the Top 12.  The other three… well, we shall see.

Your DVR probably cut off here, with Tyler singing his farewell.  The top 10 girls sing Tuesday, the top 10 guys Wednesday.  The loathsome Gordon Ramsey is next, so change the channel now. 🙂


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