An update and pre-Idol thoughts

First, a quick update to the “Schedule thoughts” post… the Richmond Revolution’s Sportsmageddon (May 29) game has been rescheduled for a 1:05pm start, thus avoiding the problems of sharing a parking lot with the Richmond Flying Squirrels.  Now let’s see if the Revs and Squirrels find a way to get together to make it an all-day event…

The American Idol Top 24 starts in a couple of hours… I think the biggest question going into the show is “How is Ellen Degeneres going to do as a judge?”, because due to the ham-handed production of the preliminary shows, we really don’t know a lot about the contestants.  They’re going to get one chance to impress us (12 girls tonight, 12 guys tomorrow) and then that’s it.  Four of them will be gone Thursday, and we’ll have no way of knowing if it was a good decision by the millions who’ll text in over the next 2 nights.  Of course, if history repeats itself, at least one (and usually 2 or 3) contestants will implode so spectacularly that the decisions will kind of make themselves… and so will the YouTube videos…

While I’ll blog my opinions here, if you want credible Idol news, keep an eye on MJ’s Big Blog… and if you want snarky cynicism, you have to visit Vote For The Worst (who were the first to reveal the scam-filled past of Todrick “Fraudrick” Hall, who’ll be singing for the first – and I hope last – time tomorrow).

One thing seems to be certain about AI9 – Fox, 19 Productions, and Fremantle Media seem to be pushing hard for a female winner.  Which means there’s a second certainty – VFTW will be pushing just as hard to find the worst male singer and make him a star. 🙂

See you later for AI’s Top 12 girls.


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