Richmond Sports: Schedule thoughts

A while back, I posted a comparison of the two Richmond indoor football schedules… now that the Richmond Kickers (soccer) and Richmond Flying Squirrels (baseball) have released their schedules, it turns out that – for the most part – they’ve avoided each other.  Not intentionally, of course, as none of the teams would be expected to check the others’ schedules… but it worked itself out for the most part.


There is one night where we’ll find out which sport, and team, really has the most devoted fans.

Saturday, May 29 is Sportsmageddon in Richmond.

  • The IFL Revolution play Green Bay at the Ashe Center at 1:05 pm.
  • The AIFA Raiders play Baltimore at the Coliseum.
  • The Kickers play Pittsburgh at City Stadium.
  • The Squirrels play Bowie at the Diamond.

The baseball game is at 6:35, the Revolution have moved to 1:05, and the others are at 7:05.

Obviously, nobody can be in four three places at once.  So Richmond sports fans will have to choose… of course, some will choose not to make a choice, staying away from all of it… some will be on vacation (it’ll also be Memorial Day weekend)… and then the rest will pick the one that interests them the most.  That, of course, is what I’ll be most curious about.

The good news?  There’ll probably be good tickets available for all of them. 🙂

In case you’re curious… for the rest of the period where all four schedules overlap – April 3 through June 19 – no more than two of the four teams play on the same date.

Why does this matter?   Richmond has never really been known to support pro sports, so it’ll be interesting to see which team(s) the city takes to this year.  May 29 will give us our clearest indication.

No, I haven’t decided which one I’m going to yet. 🙂

EDIT: Updated February 23 for the (savvy on their part) update to the Revolution schedule.


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