Things that interest me: January edition

Yes, it’s time for one of those posts where I talk about things I’ll be doing that tickle my fancy, and you pretend to care. 🙂

Thursday, January 14 – Big Oldies 107.3’s Tony Booth will be hosting his “Cliff Notes History of Rock’n’Roll” at the Westhampton Center of the University of Richmond.  It’s a three-hour tour (without Gilligan) from the beginnings of the Rock Era through disco.  Richmond musicians Ron Moody and Steve Bassett will be contributing, and it sounds like an interesting night.  There’s no advance registration.  Just show up for a 7:00pm start. Update: see below.

Unfortunately, because I haven’t mastered the art of being in two places at once, I’ll have to pass on the first improv event of 2010 at Gallery5.  It’s a screening of the documentary “Trust Us, This Is All Made Up” combined with a Richmond Comedy Coalition performance.  The documentary goes inside the life and work of a particularly-talented improv duo.  If this interests you, it starts at 7:00pm as well.

Thursday, January 21 – The RCC does their first full show of 2010 at Gallery5 at 8:00pm.  They’re going to start 2010 with “Fünderstorm”, a show featuring a superfluous umlaut and the three groups that are at the core of the RCC – Made of Bees, Fusebox, and Middle Management… in short, a lot of talent for one low price.  It’s going to be well worth your time.  Check out the RCC’s YouTube or Vimeo pages.

Saturday, January 23 – Yes, I’m going to check out the AIFA Kickoff Classic game at the Coliseum.  One of our Main Line stations, 98.9 Liberty, will be there… given the economy, and Richmond’s long-standing aversion to local sports, it’ll be interesting to see how many people show up.   It probably won’t be a huge crowd, but if they can get a couple thousand, they’ll be off to a good start.

Friday, January 29 / Saturday, January 30 – After the Great Snow Event of 2009 wiped out their December shows, Random Acts will be back on stage at the HATTheatre with their “9 Deaths of the Ninja” concept show (7:30pm both nights) and their Mainstage show (mature audiences only, 9:00pm both nights).  If you haven’t checked out a Random Acts show (and most of you reading this haven’t), why not now? 🙂

One last thing before I go.  American Idol is going to be in enough trouble when Simon Cowell leaves… shows like last night’s are going to hasten the end that much faster.  AI producers are so busy trying to stage controversy that they’ve lost sight of producing an entertaining show.  Please stop planting performers.  Just roll the cameras and let things happen, you’ll get enough interesting stories without manufacturing them.  Really.

EDIT: I forgot about the fact that parking at UR is a pain.  By the time I got to the venue tonight (1/14), there wasn’t parking within a reasonable distance… and by the time I figured THAT out, it was too late to change plans for the improv film screening.  Ah well, another night at home won’t hurt… 🙂


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