Richmond indoor football: Raiders schedule

Although the Raiders’ league, the AIFA, hasn’t released a schedule yet (there are issues with a couple of teams), the Raiders have released their (tentative) schedule for 2010.  It starts next Saturday (1/23) with an exhibition game against the “AIFA All-Stars” – in other words, whichever AIFA players wanted to come to Richmond 6 weeks before the season starts… 🙂

A while back, I put up the other Richmond team’s schedule (that’d be the IFL Richmond Revolution).  I’m going to put the two schedules up side-by-side.  You’ll see why…

  • Sat Jan 23 – Raiders vs. AIFA All-Stars (exhibition)
  • Sat Mar 13 – Revolution vs. Chicago Slaughter – Raiders vs. Reading Express
  • Sat Mar 20 – Revolution vs. Maryland Maniacs – Raiders vs. NJ Revolution
  • Sat Apr 3 – Raiders vs. Fayetteville Guard
  • Sat Apr 10 – Revolution vs. West Michigan Thunderhawks
  • Sat Apr 24 – Revolution vs. Maryland Maniacs
  • Fri Apr 30 – Raiders vs. Erie Riverrats Storm
  • Sat May 8 – Raiders vs. Fayetteville Guard
  • Sat May 22 – Revolution vs. Rochester Raiders
  • Sat May 29 – Revolution vs. Green Bay Blizzard – Raiders vs. Baltimore Mariners
  • Sat Jun 12 – Revolution vs. Rochester Raiders
  • Fri Jun 18 – Raiders vs. Harrisburg Stampede
  • FYI: Raiders games are at the Coliseum, Revolution games are at the Ashe Center.

It looks like football fans got a bit of a break, as did both teams… the teams play 7 home games each, and they’re only competing with each other on three dates.

In other words, each team will get 4 home games with the indoor football crowd to themselves… and 3 games where they’ll get *half* the indoor football crowd.

From a financial perspective, that will give both teams roughly 5 1/2 games of income for their 7-game season… although that conflict on May 29 will be interesting, as I’ll be curious to see if the fanbase does split roughly in half… or if Richmond fans express a preference between the two teams.

I still don’t think this will last beyond 2010 – Richmond isn’t a passionate enough “sports town” to support two indoor football teams.  To be honest, I’m not sure this town can support one indoor football team.  But we’ll see.

I’m also going to be watching for a “Kicker effect”… with limited entertainment dollars available in our sinking economy, I’ll be really interested to see how the indoor football teams are affected when the USL Richmond Kickers play soccer at City Stadium (we can’t call it “U of R Stadium” now, can we?).  So far, the Kickers have announced only their home opener… which avoids this whole mess as it’ll be on April 17. 🙂

Finally, although we didn’t get the Raiders playing at both venues on the same date (that was the wisecrack I made when I posted the Revs schedule)… I forgot about the AIFA New Jersey team.  So, on March 20, you say you want a Revolution?  Well, you know, on that night, you’ll have two.  🙂

Updated for AIFA Erie’s name change, 1/14.


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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