Test yourself – for Jeopardy!

It’s that time of year again… Jeopardy! is offering its annual online contestant tests in the first quarter of 2010.  I take the test every year.  You’ll note that I haven’t actually appeared on Jeopardy! (YET!!!!), but it’s only because SO many people try out that they just haven’t gotten to me yet. 🙂

Since I know a lot of really smart people, I don’t want you guys to be left out… so here are the details:

  • The test is done online at www.jeopardy.com.
  • It’s 50 questions that you have to answer within 15 minutes.  In case you were wondering, this is a fair test.  Writer (and Jeopardy! champion) Bob Harris has estimated that the actual gameplay of a typical show’s 60 clues runs about 13 minutes.
  • There’s a general test, as well as specialized College, Kids, and Teen tests.  You have to pre-register at the Jeopardy! website… and you have to be on time for the actual test date.
  • This is the first step only.  If you pass the test, and are selected, you then move on to an in-person audition (the nearest auditions will be in Washington, DC).  If you do well on the audition, you’re added to the contestant pool for 18 months.  Then you wait eagerly for a phone call.  If it doesn’t come, you get to start over. 🙂

Test dates:

  • Adult (General) test: The adult test is offered by “time zone”, although you can opt for any one – and only one – of the tests.  If you take more than one, you will be disqualified. You don’t have to specify a date when you register, but make sure you actually show up for one…
    • Eastern – Tuesday, January 26, 8pm Eastern
    • Central/Mountain – Wednesday, January 27, 9pm Eastern
    • Pacific – Thursday, January 28, 11pm Eastern
  • College test: Tuesday, February 9, 9pm Eastern
  • Kids test: Tuesday, February 23, 8pm Eastern
  • Teen test: Tuesday, March 2, 9pm Eastern

If you decide to make a run at this, good luck.

All of the details are at the Jeopardy! Contestant Search page.


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