Richmond Revolution schedule

The first shot in the battle for indoor football fans in Richmond was fired today with the release of the 2010 IFL schedule. 

For those who’ve lost count, we have two indoor football teams in Richmond in the coming season.  This one is the team that is owned by SportsQuest and is playing at the Arthur Ashe Center until either (a) SportsQuest is built or (2) the team goes broke.

The Revs’ 7-game home schedule:

Sat Mar 13 Chicago Slaughter
Sat Mar 20 Maryland Maniacs
Sat Apr 10 West Michigan Thunderhawks
Sat Apr 24 Maryland Maniacs
Sat May 22 Rochester Raiders
Sat May 29 Green Bay Blizzard
Sat Jun 12 Rochester Raiders

The Slaughter are the 2009 champions of the CIFL (another of the umpteen indoor football leagues out there).  The Maniacs are a second-year team playing out of the Show Place in Upper Marlboro – which hockey fans may remember as the home of the poorly-attended Chesapeake franchise in the ECHL a few years back.  West Michigan replaces the Grand Rapids club from the now-deceased AFL, and the Green Bay club was in the also now-deceased af2 last year.

Finally, the Rochester franchise is a perfect example of the organizational chaos that is indoor football.  In 2006, they joined the CIFL and were league champions in 2007. They bolted the CIFL in 2008 when their final regular season opponents decided not to show up. They played a couple of 2008 post-season exhibition games in the AIFA (which we’ll get back to) before jumping to the IFL for the 2009 regular season.

If the Football Gods (with apologies to ESPN’s Gregg Easterbrook) have a sense of humor at all, the other Richmond club, the AIFA Richmond Raiders, will be scheduled for a home game on May 22 or June 12, so that there will be Raiders playing at both the Ashe Center and the Crumbling Richmond Coliseum (think I’m kidding? Did you see Sunday’s Times-Dispatch?) at the same time. 

That May 29 game will be interesting – interesting to get to, I mean.  That’s the only one of the 7 game dates where the Flying Squirrels will also be at home.  There’s not a lot of parking along the Boulevard… 🙂

All kidding aside, with two indoor football teams and the return of baseball, there’ll at least be something to do for sports fans in Richmond in 2010, right?


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

2 thoughts on “Richmond Revolution schedule”

  1. I saw an ad on tv for a game tomorrow 6/19. Is that wrong? It is not on the reg sched or playoff sched. Please inform me.THX

  2. You did, but it wasn’t the Revolution.

    It was Richmond’s other pro football team, the Richmond Raiders – it’s their last home game of the season, and it’ll be at the Coliseum.

    The Revs start Monday Night Playoff Football on June 28.

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