A “wiseguy” with a cause

Some of you may know that I’ve spent some time in pro wrestling.  No, not as a wrestler, I mean, really… but I’ve been a ring announcer and “commissioner”.  Before that, I was part of a group of fans that made trips up to Northern Virginia, DC, and Baltimore for wrestling shows (when the Richmond pro wrestling scene was a disaster).

One of the first guys I got to know back then usually played a bad guy in the ring, and happens to be a real good guy outside.  He retired several years ago, and I don’t recall if I ever did a show with him before he retired… anyway, recently, he unretired.

In his case, though, he had a rather personal reason for doing so… but this is where I’ll let Matt Bowman (known as “Wiseguy” Jimmy Cicero in the ring) take over… video is from WTVR-TV in Richmond…

NOTE: I tried to embed the video from WTVR here but WordPress won’t accept the HTML.  Visit http://www.wtvr.com/vtm and check the “Autism Awareness” clip.  I’ll update if I can get the embed to work… 🙂

UPDATE: Well, I got it onto YouTube.  First time I’ve ever uploaded a video, so who knows if this’ll work…

Cicero wrestles this Saturday night (12/12) for NWA Fusion in Mattaponi, VA (a show I’ll miss as I’ll be putting the VCU-Richmond game on the radio at Big Oldies 107.3).  For more about his work to “bodyslam autism”, see http://www.jimmycicerowrestling.com.


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