December stuff

As we get closer to American Idol 9 (which, as in previous seasons, I’ll start blogging once we get past bad auditions and Hollywood Week)… oh, and Christmas, too… 🙂

Still not employed.  Le Sigh.  Job market is getting better, as less people lost jobs last week than the week before.  Does that make any sense to you?

In case you missed it elsewhere, the radio station where I work weekends is tweaking a bit.  We’re now “Big Oldies 107.3”… you’ll hear some songs you haven’t heard on our playlist before… and we’re still not streaming. :)  So unless you’re in Richmond, this paragraph didn’t mean much to you.

At least I’m going home for Christmas.  As usual when I head up to Chicago, I’ll not only see the family, but some of the world-class improv that can be found in the Chicagoland area.  And in the “you gotta be kidding me” department, by shifting my flight to Chicago back one day, I got lower airfare and car rental prices.  Please don’t try to convince me that there is any rationality to travel pricing at this point.

And, almost finally, SNOW?  We’re talking 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow afternoon.  In Richmond weather forecast parlance, that means “either a dusting or a blizzard”.  Batten the hatches. 🙂

And, really finally, improv stuff you’ll find me at between now and Christmas:

  • The (first, and possibly annual) Paradox Comedy Richmond Invitational 3-on-3 Tournament of Champions, which will run almost as long as the name. :)  Thursday and Friday, Dec. 10-11, 8pm both nights, Art6.
  • The as-yet-unnamed December extravaganza (which just *might* be holiday-themed) from the Richmond Comedy Coalition.  Thursday, Dec. 17, 8pm, Art6.
  • What would happen if Santa Claus fell ill at Christmas?  Hilarity will ensue at Random ActsKringle’s Shingles (family-friendly), Friday-Saturday, Dec. 18-19, 7:30pm.  Followed both nights by a holiday-tinged Mainstage Show (adult themes and language) at 9:00pm, all at the HATTheatre.

3 weeks until Christmas.  Where did the year go?


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