Finding something to say

I’ve been quiet lately… not much to talk about.  The job market is a mess, and I’m not making any headway.  I’m not surprised by this… the 4th quarter of the year is traditionally a bad time to be job-hunting, and in the midst of the Great Recession, it was going to be far worse. 

So what have I been up to?

Mostly radio and improv shows. 🙂

There’s really not a lot of fun stories (or even stories that’d be interesting to non-radio folks) happening on the radio side… certainly nothing I can make fun of myself about… :)  We’re just doing our thing – which leads me to my occasional reminder that I’m on 107.3 BBT (107.3 FM in Richmond, 100.3 FM in Petersburg) weekends… Saturdays 10am-3pm, Sundays noon-5pm.  

As to the improv, I hit most of the shows mentioned in the Improvised Hallowe’en post… yes, even the 2nd Annual Richmond Improv Festival.  I decided, in the end, it was more important to support the Richmond-based improvisers at the festival than to carry a grudge that was getting both old and heavy.  And you know what… I enjoyed the whole weekend.  I attended 6 of the 7 mainstage shows, including one ComedySportz show (yes, you read that right).  And it was fun to just sit back and watch all of the different show formats, troupes, and styles of improv.  The best part?  Of the 20 or so acts that I saw perform, only one bombed completely – no, I’m not naming them, I suspect they know, too. :)  Everyone else were on their games… the Richmond troupes all did well, and my pick for best of the weekend was Washington’s Dr. Fantastic.  Might have to drive up to DC sometime to check out a full set.

Congratulations to Zach Ward (from Dirty South Improv in the Triangle) for putting together a terrific lineup, and to all of the folks in front of and behind the scenes who made it run smoothly.

Speaking of improv – there be shows ahead.  Next Thursday (11/19), the Richmond Comedy Coalition is back at Art6… and Thanksgiving weekend (Friday/Saturday, 11/27-28), Random Acts returns to the HATTheatre with the improvised fairy tale Randomly Ever After at 7:30 and the mainstage show at 9.  Not sure I can make all of them – November at Main Line means basketball, and I think we have games all of those nights – but you should. 🙂


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