I guess I’ve officially entered the 21st Century…

I had a credit card number stolen.

Fortunately for me, the card was with a bank that is paying attention to my habits, and saw a number of charges that were totally wrong.  So they called me today.  So while I don’t know that I’d want to work at Capital One (given what I’ve heard about their hiring and firing practices), I’m glad that they’re watching my account. 🙂

The charges have all been reversed, fortunately.

Except for the one that didn’t have to be reversed.  The thief tried to set up a Vonage account using my stolen card number.  Vonage opened the account – and then closed it within a few minutes and credited me back the fee, before I even knew the card was compromised.  I called Vonage just to verify the situation, and they confirmed that they caught the charge as fraudulent almost immediately. 

Now I have to check my other cards to make sure I don’t have any other numbers stolen… sheesh. 

Moral of the story: read over your transactions on your credit card(s) every so often. 🙂


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