An Improvised Hallowe’en

Or… how many nights can I watch improv before I overdose? 🙂

Here’s the rundown.  I’ll probably attend most of it seeing as I currently don’t have a lot else going on… (of course, I’d probably attend most of it if I *did* have a lot going on)

Thursday 10/22 – Paradox Comedy’s “Motel Hell” at Art6 (8:00).

Wednesday 10/28 – Richmond Comedy Coalition’s “Apocalypse Soon-ish” at Gallery5 (8:00).

Thursday 10/29 – “Motel Hell”, take 2, Art6 (8:00).

Friday 10/30 – Random Acts at HATTheatre: Mainstage (where they will try [and probably fail :)] to be family-friendly) at 7:30, “Driller Killer” (as RA does a live MSTing of the “horror” movie – and it WON’T be family-friendly) at 9:00.

Saturday 10/31 – Random Acts at HATTheatre (see 10/30).

Thursday 11/5 – Richmond Improv Festival at Capital Ale House Downtown.  Shows at 8:00 and 10:00, one ticket covers both shows.

Friday 11/6 – Richmond Improv Festival at Rhythm Hall at CenterStage. Shows at 7:00 and 9:00.  Note: there are shows at Carpenter Theatre [Avenue Q] and Gottwald Playhouse [Mahalia!] both nights at CenterStage.  Allow time to find parking.

Saturday 11/7 – Richmond Improv Festival.  Shows at 4:00, 7:00, and 9:00 at Rhythm Hall at CenterStage, and an improv jam at midnight at Capital Ale House Downtown.


And if I’ve missed anything, I suspect someone, somewhere, will advise. 🙂



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