Back to reality

Well, after a fun week (OK, 9 days) in Orlando – 5 of them spent partially or totally at Disney parks – it’s time to get back to the real world.

As you saw in the last post, my real world involves looking for a job.  This is going to suck.  Current estimates are that there will be 6-7 people out of work for every job posting I find.  I’m in Information Technology, where there’s a very good chance that the estimate is low.  There are probably a dozen or more IT people out of work for every job posting.

I may wind up taking a contract job just to keep busy while I’m looking for a permanent position.  For the record, my last contract job was a data entry job about 20 years ago.  I hated it then, and I hate it now.  Contract jobs aren’t jobs.  They’re placefillers.   But they’re a necessary evil in this tortured job market – where most of the jobs that my experience would qualify me for have been eliminated or shipped offshore – so I will have to suck it up.

There’s an old joke that comes to mind…

Me: “I wish I’d listened to my mother when I was younger.”
You: “What did she say?”
Me: “I don’t know.  I wasn’t listening.”

OK, it’s not really relevant, but it’s a painfully-clumsy transition designed to allow me to mention something that’s going to be critical for my sanity in the next few weeks – improv shows in Richmond… 🙂

Oct. 15: Richmond Comedy Coalition’s MANDATORY GOOD TIME at Art6 (8pm).  It’s mandatory, so I have to be there.  Right?

Oct. 30-31: Random Acts at HATTheatre.  They’re doing the mainstage show at 7:30pm both nights (and they are going to TRY to be family-friendly… but it’s Mainstage, and there might be some wagering interest in a pool on when they’ll slip)… and at 9:00pm, it’s a live MSTing of the horror film “Driller Killer”.  What is a MSTing, you say?  MST=”Mystery Science Theatre 3000”, the gold standard in live riffing off a bad movie (see also “Rifftrax”).  Basically, the movie plays and the comedians rip it to shreds.  The movie is rather gory, I’m told, so “Driller Killer” is a “mature audiences only” show.  I wonder if that rules me out… 🙂

And I hear that the Funny Bone is getting back into the improv business in November.

See you on the radio… 🙂


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