Facebook’s broken, and you don’t count

So… you probably have noticed that Facebook’s having a bad weekend.

  • Some people can’t log in all.
  • Most people, when they log in, get a screwed-up news feed with missing posts, randomly sorted posts, or days-old posts.
  • About half the time, the highlights bar is missing.

So, if you’re a tech support guy like me, you start looking for contact information.


The generic contact form has been taken down.

The help page is only helpful if the site is actually working.

There’s no status blog, or status page, or any way to know if Facebook is even aware there’s a problem.

And the logical email address, support@facebook.com, bounces.

They do have one available mailbox, info@facebook.com, but all reports on the Internet are that nobody ever answers that mailbox.

To quote AdAge in an article they posted today, “In the cloud, no one can hear you scream”.

They were referring to Gmail, but they could well have been referring to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, or any of the other cloud services that simply have no way of generating income.

It’s nice that all of those services are free.

Of course, because they’re free, they can’t pay a public-facing support staff.

So if something breaks… as an old friend once said, “if my software breaks, you own both pieces”.  Don’t expect help, or even a notification, when free cloud services like these break.  You’re pretty much on your own.  Yes, they’ll get fixed.  But your input isn’t going to be part of it – and you’re not going to be contacted when the fix is in place.

It’s a tradeoff.

AdAge, in their article, noted that you get what you pay for.

You pay nothing… expect nothing.

Welcome to the age of cloud computing… where if something goes wrong, you’re the one stuck in the clouds.


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