Apparently, there are some really sore losers among the Republican Party… they’ve taken a fairly obvious prank/forgery of a “Kenyan” birth certificate for President Obama as “proof” that he’s not really an American citizen.

Let’s back them up for a second, shall we?

Have the lunatic birthers stopped to think what happens if, by some small (or large) miracle, they’re right?

There is no recourse in the Constitution that would re-run the election.  The only recourse would be impeachment…

This means that all of the following would have to happen:

  • The Democratic-controlled Congress would have to hold impeachment hearings.  This, clearly, won’t happen.
  • The House would have to impeach President Obama, after finding an actual High Crime or Misdemeanor to impeach him on.  This, clearly, won’t happen.
  • The Senate would then have to convict the President of said high crime by a 2/3 majority.  This, clearly, won’t happen.

And the result of all these not-happening shockers? Hypothetically, of course, it’d be President Joe Biden.  Who, if he somehow left office, would be replaced by Nancy Pelosi (unless Biden named a Vice President and had him/her confirmed first).

Do the birthers think President Biden would be substantially different from President Obama – except that Biden is white and old, while Obama is mixed-race and middle-aged…?  And would they really want to risk President Pelosi?  Srsly?

The birthers are paranoid loons drifting off into low comedy.

Speaking of comedy, it looks like the folks at Art6 in Richmond have dedicated themselves to the art form of comedy, with shows running every Thursday night at 8.  This past Thursday was improv, with Paradox Comedy and Random Acts – and it was hysterically funny.  This coming Thursday, August 13, it’s the Richmond Comedy Coalition’s “Laugh Out Louder”, with stand-up from CSz alum Jesse P-S and improv from Also Fast & Also Furious and Downward Viral (the latter basing their improv scenes off YouTube videos picked at random during the show).  Oh, and there will be beer.  Art6 is at 6 East Broad in Richmond.

Finally, since I have blogged the last 2 seasons of American Idol, I should note the departure of Paula Abdul.  Idol just won’t be the same without recreationally-addled loopiness from the center chair.  So… what’s Britney Spears doing these days? :)  OK, seriously, they’re using guest judges for the callback auditions that started taping this week… and I think they are hoping that they can lure Paula back for the live shows this winter.  Actually, from reports about Victoria Beckham’s turn in the chair, they may need Paula back… she was reportedly “icy and wooden”.  BIIIIIG surprise there…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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