All errors great and small

Now I know the newspaper/magazine business is hurting… but this is ridiculous.

So I’m flipping through the July 28 issue of Style Weekly, one of those weekly free entertainment/news tabloids that every city has… out of curiosity, I was flipping through the “entertainment this week” listings and out of the corner of my eye, noticed a show for Random Acts on Friday.  This struck me as odd, because I’m a fan and I thought I’d have heard about a show this week (and, of course, so would you).  Looking more closely at the entry, though, revealed the truth.  Somehow, Style had put Random Acts’ name on the listing for the ComedySportz show at the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen on Friday…

Of course, I can understand that Style may have missed that small error.  They were far too busy making a much, much larger error.

This issue featured the 2009 Power List, a list of 75 movers and shakers in the Richmond area.

Well… it was supposed to be 75.

It turned out to be just 69.

In an editing disaster that would have gotten me fired when I was editing my high-school newspaper 30 years ago… THEY LEFT A PAGE OUT!

Page 20: one-paragraph profiles of entries 13-19.
Page 21: advertisement
Page 22: advertisement
Page 23: one paragraph profiles of entries 26-31.

Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of editing a weekly tabloid, the (overworked?) editorial staff left a page out of one of the biggest issues of the year.  The capsule profiles of entries 20-25 can be found on the Style website, of course… and their names appear in the end-of-section list of the full Power List… but still… seriously?


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