Interesting week ahead…

There’s a bit of a convergence of interesting events this weekend… starting as early as tomorrow night.   I think it’d be best if I just dive in…

Snagajob Pavilion at Innsbrook
Wednesday, July 22
I saw Asia last year at Innsbrook, so I’m kind of undecided about this.  I’m not a big fan of Innsbrook traffic… and I was never a big Yes fan (and it’s just not the same without Jon Anderson, anyway).  I don’t think I can justify $25 for one 45-minute Asia set.  But if you’re out there tomorrow night… look for me, as I’m liable to change my mind at the very last minute. 🙂

Gag Reflex (Richmond Comedy Coalition)
Thursday, July 23
This is an interesting concept, as it’s an attempt to bridge the different forms of comedy into one show.  It’s a little bit improv, a little bit sketch, and a little bit standup.  They’ve been at this for a couple of months, and I hope they do well, but for personal and logistical reasons, I may be rooting from afar.

Random Acts Improv Comedy
Friday, July 24
Big surprise… I absolutely plan to be here.  You should, too.  There are two shows… at 7:30, it’s a new concept show called “The Last Greatest Invention”… which finds comedy in the process of finding, designing, and (of course) selling “inventions” based on audience suggestions.  Then at 9, the always-funny (and always not-for-kids) “Mainstage” show.  Suggestion: just do both shows and make a night of it.   Highly-recommended.

ComedySportz Richmond
Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen
Friday, July 24

It’s their first show back after their theatre closed in March.  And, in an amazing coincidence, that first show is on the same night as Random Acts’ monthly appearance at HATTheatre.  I mean, that’s just incredible.  I’m stunned by the totally unexpected scheduling choice that Richmond’s small base of improv fans has to make.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Duck Race
Brown’s Island
Saturday, July 25

If you live in Richmond, and you haven’t seen the Duck Race once, you’ve missed out.  So go this weekend.  It’s an all-day festival on Brown’s Island, highlighted by the awesome sight of thousands of rubber ducks being dropped into the Canal at Brown’s Island.  You can buy ducks, of course, and the owner of the first-place duck wins a 2009 VW Rabbit.  Proceeds go to Richmond’s Big Brothers Big Sisters organization –  I’ve helped raise money, off-and-on, for BBBS since  Bowl For Kids’ Sake events came to the Long Island bowling center I worked in back in 1981, so this event is one I’m always glad to see succeed.  I’m hoping to be able to voicetrack my show on 107.3BBT and get to Brown’s Island for the duck drop.  We shall see…

Random Acts Improv Comedy
Saturday, July 25
On Saturday, this will be the only improv event in town (that I know of).  Same two formats as Friday, but two very different shows.  Why?  Because, like snowflakes, no two improv shows are exactly the same.  See you there?

And then there’s the stuff I know I won’t get to – the Richmond Kickers playing the Guatemalan champions, CSD Comunicaciones (Saturday night)… the 48-Hour Film Festival at the Byrd (the 48-hour production window was this past Friday-Sunday, the finished products premiere in three screenings Saturday)… Little River Band at Busch Gardens (Saturday/Sunday)… and some things I’m sure I’ve forgotten.

It had been such a quiet summer, and then all this piles on at once.  It’s times like this where that whole not-being-in-two-places-at-once thing sucks.

And whatever you’re up to this weekend, I will be on the radio Saturday 10-3 and Sunday 12-5.  107.3 in Richmond/100.3 in Petersburg.  Listen in if you get a chance. 🙂


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