Let’s Try This Again: Random Acts Improv June 26-27

Sarcasm alert starts here.  Since I did such a wonderful job getting people to go to Random Acts’ May shows, I’m going to try again… :)  Sarcasm alert ends here.

Random Acts Improv Comedy is doing their monthly two-night stand this weekend at the HATTheatre in Richmond’s West End.

There are two shows each night:

  • 7:30 PM – ASK LE FOUX (all ages) – This appears to be a new show format, so once again, we go to the Random Acts PR Department: “Have you ever had a question you couldn’t get an answer to? Have you ever pondered life’s great mysteries only to shrug your shoulders in frustration? Well, frustrate no longer! Straight off his European tour, Dr. Pierre Le Foux is dazzling his audiences with his amazing ability to answer all manner of questions with 100% accuracy. Using the controversial ‘bull d’improv’ technique, Dr. Le Foux has gone from smart to really smart. Now you can see him in June! Along with a group of American doctors eager to learn Le Foux’s methods, you will be in for an amazing night. Dr. Le Foux is coming to your town…and he KNOWS you want to be there. Don’t believe me? Just remember, the doctor is in…fallible! Don’t miss this hilarious improvised comedy show built around a doctor that uses an unusual method to help his patients.”
  • 9:00 PM – RANDOM ACTS MAINSTAGE (mature audiences) – no holds barred short-form improv.   As with any improv show, the larger and more involved the audience is, the better the show goes (HINT HINT HINT).

OK… it’s listed as two shows, but if you want to pretend it’s one show with a long intermission (for scheduling purposes), feel free.  That’s what I do. 🙂

It’s $7 for one show, $10 for both – unless you’re on Facebook, in which case you should go to HATTheatre’s fan page and get the sooper sekrit code that will save you $2/ticket.

See you there?


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