Update Central

I have a lot of posts that need small updates.  So… Hier ist das Update:

Our outdoing has been outdone?Well, Phoenix didn’t manage to lose two hockey teams.  Yet.  The bankruptcy judge in Phoenix kind of rewrote bankruptcy law in such a way that nobody is happy, but the Coyotes will almost certainly stay in Glendale in 2009-10.  So either the NHL or some new owner gets to bleed tens of millions of dollars because Gary Bettman won’t allow two teams in the Greater Toronto Area.  Brilliant.  This is the kind of management that aspires to drop the NHL behind MLS on the American sports totem pole…

Speaking of screwing up a good thing,the Richmond area’s continued dithering about where baseball should be played cost us the first try at bringing the Connecticut Defenders in for 2010.  The Eastern League is rushing to get a team in here before the independent Atlantic League does – so there will be baseball, in Richmond, in 2010.  After that?  Who knows?  There’s a fairly inexpensive plan to lop the upper deck off the Diamond and renovate the lower deck… and then there’s the plan to pave over hundreds of years of history in Shockoe Bottom.  The SportsQuest folks who are (slowly) building a sports complex in Chesterfield have also indicated they might build a ballpark.  Someday.  Richmond is going to screw this up, mark my words…

Now this went better…GSN has rolled out the first few new shows from the upfront presentation.  Deal or No Deal is airing daily, and 1 vs 100 is on weekends (speaking of which, if 1 vs 100 Xbox Live pans out, that may get me to invest in the console).  And last Saturday, GSN premiered Big Saturday Night, featuring 20Q and The Money List.  The two game shows worked well – Cat Deeley is a visually-pleasing and otherwise-capable traffic cop for 20Q, Hal Sparks has promise as the sarcastic “computer”, Mr. Q, and the gameplay is definitely fun.  And I thought The Money List got screwed by Fox (as The Rich List), so having it come back was a treat.  Fred Roggin got a little over-dramatic (and I think he needs a voiceover guy or co-host to play off), but the lists are fun to guess along with (or shout at the TV with!).  The only problem?  The other hour – the interminable Big Saturday Night sketches and games.  I’m going to give them another chance on Saturday – but if the BSN segments go as badly as I expect, I’ll be running the DVR on the BSN-free reruns of 20Q and The Money List on Sundays.

People are still reading this?I still get a few hits a week on that year-old cheap shot at ComedySportz Richmond.  People… CSz Richmond is dead, the post was outdated shortly after I ran it, and there’s even a link to a more up-to-date post (which nobody reads).  Besides, if you want to talk improv in Richmond, you’re talking Random Acts.  And I will… in a separate post, since they’re back next weekend for two nights at the HATTheatre.

The AI machine rolls on…Kris Allen, Adam Lambert (of the least-surprising Rolling Stone interview ever.  EVER.), and Allison Iraheta are working on albums… and the AI9 auditions are already underway.  Although it’s interesting – only the first round of auditions is taking place now.  The callbacks for the judges can’t happen yet – 19 doesn’t know who the judges are going to be yet!  Cowell and Jackson are apparently under contract, but Abdul and DioGuardi aren’t.  If I were the folks at 19, and I’m not, I’d future-endeavor both of them and find a new female judge.  One thing I wouldn’t do is have 4 judges again.  Having 4 judges on Idol is as bad as having three sportscasters in the booth at a football game.  There’s just not enough room for all the egos.  Cut back to 3 judges, AI.  Save our sanity.

Why’d they let Speidi back in the country?I mean, really, couldn’t NBC have burned their passports or something? I am so sick of those Bible-thumping hypocrites. 

And finally… this.  Thanks, Wade, that was… interesting.


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  1. On Richmond Baseball, I’ve always hated the Boulevard site. It’s a shithole location whose only redeeming value is that it’s close to the interstate. Richmond has two huge treasures in the James River and a wonderful skyline, so a new park should incorporate both of those. Show off the city, don’t stick fans in a run-down industrial park.

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