Blatant Free Plug: Random Acts May 29-30

Could the topic line be any more obvious? 🙂

Random Acts Improv Comedy(warning: stale page) is doing their monthly two-night stand this weekend at the HATTheatre in Richmond’s West End.

There are two shows each night:

  • 7:30 PM – CAMP PAIN TRAIL (all ages) – I haven’t seen this format yet, so here’s what their publicity says: “Random Acts Improv Comedy invites you back to summer camp in an election themed improv comedy show, CAMP PAIN TRAIL. Sing songs! Perform skits! Make crafts! Elect your leader!   As camp members, the audience will sing songs, interact with candidates, and some will even become running mates! CAMP PAIN TRAIL is a limited run, so don’t miss out. Come see the candidates! The media coverage! The scandals! The debates! Bring your bug spray and get ready to laugh…it’s time to visit CAMP PAIN TRAIL.”
  • 9:00 PM – RANDOM ACTS MAINSTAGE (mature audiences) – no holds barred short-form improv.   As with any improv show, the larger and more involved the audience is, the better the show goes (HINT HINT HINT).

It’s $7 for one show, $10 for both – unless you’re on Facebook, in which case you should go to HATTheatre’s fan page and get the sooper sekrit code that will save you $2/ticket.

See you there?


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