American Idol 8 Finals: Round 9 Results

If you want the full story of yesterday’s dual accidents that sent AI’s stage manager to the hospital, and came within a few minutes of scuttling the live telecast last night… visit MJ’s Big Blog.

For the first time, Idol did duets last night… and Simon Cowell believed that the Adam/Allison duet may have kept Allison in the competition.   The fallout of the Shriek Heard Around American Idol has been bouncing around the blogosphere all day.  But has Danny Shrieked himself out of the competition… or did Kris bore his way out?   Or will we get the bigger surprise… Allison or even Adam going  home?  The stage has been cleaned up… we don’t think the Big Idol Logo Ball will fall down… and it’s a star-studded night at Television City.  This is the Rock Week results show… and THIS… is American Idol! *music cue*

We open with the (first?) montage from last night… including the Shriek.

Wow.  64 million votes last night.  But who got them?  It’s time to meet the top four…

…and the bombastic four.  Your judges, who are the reason for last night’s duets.

Great, I needed to take a break.  The Pointless Ford Video is playing… followed by the Pointless Group Song… “School’s Out”, with Slash on guitar… and a chance for Slash to plug his solo project, which he does by saying absolutely nothing interesting about it.  Odd, but it is Slash. 

After the break… more time filler!

We come back to a reminder that AI Top 10 Tour tickets go on sale Saturday.  You remember the top 10… tonight’s four… plus six undercard performers. 🙂

Some banter between Ryan, the judges, and the Final Four… on our way to the official kickoff of Paula Abdul’s lip-synched comeback (don’t call it a comeback) (but you can definitely call it lip-synched)… a pleasant enough bit of ‘80s throwback dance-pop.

After the break… more time filler!

We’re back… with the official kickoff of No Doubt’s comeback (don’t call it a comeback) (and don’t call it lip-synched)…”Just A Girl”, with Gwen Stefani trying to turn the clock back to 1995 with her look from those bygone days… t-shirt, jeans, and unique hairstyle…

After the break… more time fill… no, wait, Seacrest says we might actually get some results on this results show!

We’re back… the Top 4 are backstage to find out which three become Hometown Heroes next week… so, of course, it’s an Official Hometown Heroes montage!

Dim the lights, and the Top 4 are on-stage… Seacrest says the Top 3 will be named in random order… here we go… it’s 9:35 PM.

  • Allison is first, and that means she’s safe.  Right? 
  • Maybe not.  Danny is next.  And no results yet… because…
  • Adam is next.  But no results…
  • Kris is next.  Now that all four have had their critiques from last night read back… we get results…
  • The first one making the top three is… is… is… (WHO IS IT!?!?) Kris Allen. Rut roh, Ranny…

No, silly people… no more results now.  We have to take another break so Daughtry can set up…

We’re back, and we get to see how Chris Daughtry left the show in Season 5… when he was in the Top 4!  Wow!  What a coincidence!  And the moral is, Daughtry turned out to be so much more successful of a performer than Katherine McPhee, even though she’s cuter.  Or something.  Enough of this, let’s get Daughtry on stage, with “No Surprise” from the new album.

After the break… we’re out of time filler.  Someone’s going home to stay… and the other two are going home for video footage.  Who’s which?  Next.  Which will get here soon.

It’s 9:54 PM.  If you’ve just tuned in, you’re smarter than most of us.  Dim the lights…

  • The second member of the top three is… Adam Lambert.  For the record, I typed that 30 seconds before Seacrest said it.  Yes, I can be an American Idol producer, too!
  • And the last member of the top three is… inexplicably… Danny Gokey.  Allison Iraheta is going home.

This is a GOOD thing.  Allison can do the tour, and then get the hell away from 19 Entertainment and be the star she deserves to be (and WILL be) on her own terms.  It *is* the Daughtry story, all over again.

Well, congratulations to the eighth American Idol, Adam Lambert.  There is no way Danny or Kris can win this.  I really thought Allison could have stolen it… but it wasn’t to be.

The road to Adam’s coronation resumes next Tuesday at 8e/7c (as long as the stage doesn’t implode).  The theme for Hometown Heroes week will be… judges’ choice for one of their two songs, their own choice (theme not announced) for their second.   Your late local news is next (except in those markets where the Fox affiliate can’t afford to do news)…


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