American Idol 8 Finals: Round 7 Results

Two contestants will go home tonight… there’s no save… and we’ve got Disco Stars on Parade!  Oh, and last year’s runnerup.  This is the MOST EXCITING RESULTS SHOW… sorry… slipped into Bachelor mode there.  This… is your Disco Week results show… and THIS… is American Idol! *music cue*

45 million votes.  And now we meet the judges, who have nothing at all to add since they’ve used up the save.

And for the Disco Week group number… we have footage!  …from Paula Abdul’s choreography sessions with the Idols. 

And we get into the Truly Awkward Group Number.  Watching the Idols do a Jacksons disco track (“Shake Your Body”)… umm… yeah.  Thirty-minute results shows.  You know it’s right, Fox.

After the break… STALLING!  The ladies weren’t changed out of their disco gear in time… so we get the Pointless Ford Video instead.  Whoopie!

And everyone’s back.  Which means it’s time to dim the lights (at 9:15 PM):

  • Lil goes first. And Lil has been voted off.  Wow.  That was quick.  But since there really wasn’t any suspense, I suspect we’ll get a “Bottom Three” from the last six.  While she reprises “Every Woman”, we’re left to wonder what would have happened if she’d done that performance last night…

It’s time for Disco Stars on Parade – Freda Payne goes first (“Band of Gold”, natch).  Well, she’s not lip-synching (as she pulls the mic away from her mouth for a line)… :)  Next… Thelma Houston doing her one-hit wonder “Don’t Leave Me This Way”.   And then it’s time to “Shake Your Booty” with Harry Wayne “K.C.” Casey (yes, as in “and the Sunshine Band").  Hmm… I may have to sneak those songs into the playlist this weekend… 🙂

Back to the couches… so Ryan dims the lights… again… with two Bottom Three seats left (not three – I’m surprised)… it’s 9:35 PM…

  • Kris, who worked hard for the money last night… is safe.
  • Adam, off of “If I Can’t Have You”… has another week.  He’s safe.
  • Danny’s version of “September”… gets Ryan a backhand from Simon… and Danny a return trip.  He’s safe.
  • Anoop, as predicted, gets his lights dimmed.  Anoop is in the bottom two.
  • Allison and Matt remain.  One of them takes the long walk across the stage… and it’s… Allison going to the bottom two.

And while Anoop and Allison await their fate, someone who never got to sit in the Silver Seats of Doom will sing his latest single… it’s David Archuleta with “Touch My Hand”.  And he’s live, not pre-taped!

It’s time for the execution… it’s 9:54 PM…

  • Anoop is going home.  Allison is coming back next week.  And my faith in America is slightly increased.  Anoop wraps it up with “Dim All The Lights”.
  • And it’s your official exit video for Anoop and Lil, going “Home Sweet Home” tonight…

Next week is Top 5, which means two songs each… theme and guests TBA.  Your late local news is next.


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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