A visit to West Broad Village

With Dave & Buster’s due to open on Monday, I decided to swing by West Broad Village to see if they were possibly doing a soft opening.

They were.  Unfortunately (for me), it was a private event for the Richmond SPCA.  But it did expose a major potential problem for West Broad Village.

There is nowhere near enough parking.  There’s only a few restaurants open – and Whole Foods Market – and already there’s a premium on parking.  I was watching people park on semi-paved streets, in incomplete parking spots, and that doesn’t count the traffic circling like it was Christmas.  And I honestly don’t want to think about what Christmas season will be like in Short Pump.  Traffic may be backed up to the Boulevard.

If you plan to visit D&B (or Mimi’s Cafe) when they open this week, I have one suggestion.  Go park now.  Then just wait in the car until the restaurant opens.  Either that, or find a nearby parking spot (and by “nearby”, I mean “in Virginia”) and start walking.

West Broad Village is a good idea.  But unless they have several hundred parking spaces hiding somewhere, it’s going to be strangled by the fact that – in the immortal words of Yogi Berra – “it’s so crowded that nobody ever goes there”.


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