Somewhat random non-AI8 post (really)

Wow.  What a rotten week to be a baseball fan – first, the Nick Adenhart tragedy… then the double-whammy today of Harry Kalas and Mark Fidrych passing.  Kalas, at least, exited where one would think he’d have wanted to – at the ballpark, preparing for his Phillies to play.  But man… the 2009 season is starting under a dark cloud indeed.

Speaking of baseball, it’s my hope that whoever winds up designing the new Richmond ballpark isn’t the architect behind New Yankee Stadium.  I mean… the whole idea of building a baseball stadium is to… I don’t know… see the ballgame.  There are hundreds-to-thousands of obstructed-view seats at the New Yankee Stadium.  How does that happen?  Well, other than the greed of the Steinbrenner family, that is…

A couple of quick plugs before I prepare for tomorrow’s “Night at the Cinema” on… the show that I’m not mentioning in this post:

The CSz Improv Theatre may be gone, but Random Acts has a new home… they’re at the HATTheatre in Richmond April 24-25.  Click me for more.

And one of my former CSz colleagues, Jesse Powell-Stroud, has started doing his own slightly offbeat weekly week-in-review video blog.  That’s fitting, because Jesse is slightly offbeat.  It’s 1 Week of Awesome.

See you tomorrow for… that singing show on Fox. 🙂


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