American Idol 8: Whaddaya mean you didn’t know?

It seems that mainstream (i.e., mind-numbingly dense) America has just figured out that AI8’s Adam Lambert is gay.

What, none of you figured out that when Paula was blabbering about Adam’s “fabulousness” in her medicated haze that this was a code word for “gay”?

Or when Lambert’s father made it a point to stress, in a somewhat exasperated tone, that Adam wasn’t much into sports as a kid?

More importantly – and this is the serious question: why does it matter? 

Oh, right, because AI isn’t a singing contest.  So now we can expect middle America to flee from him in horror because he likes guys.

Which isn’t really fair.  As I’d prefer that they flee in horror because he isn’t a pop singer – but has a hell of a future on Broadway once he gets free of 19’s clutches.

Then again, with “Music of the Cinema” as the theme this week, he might just be on such familiar ground that he gives a performance that draws votes despite the Shocking Announcement.

We’ll see.  But I really can’t believe this is a surprise… I mean… REALLY?


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