American Idol 8 Finals: Round 4 Results

I know I’ve campaigned for Fox to cut the results show to 30 minutes in season 9… but if that means they’re going to fill the extra half-hour with utter trash like The Osbournes:Whoring Themselves For More Money, never mind.  I made it through about 5 minutes of it, and I’ll take an hour of Idol over any more unfit-for-cable-access crap like that. Has Fox cancelled the Osbourne Dysfunctional Family Revue yet?

Anyway… on to the show.  Since it’s almost a foregone conclusion that Megan’s Idol journey ends tonight… there’s really no chance that it will.  Because Fox knows better than you…

OK, Seacrest didn’t start the show… we got last night’s montage… first.  But not to worry… THIS… is American Idol! *music cue*

Oh, great… after some useless banter, we go to footage from the Ford video shoot.  Maybe the Osbournes are a better idea… no… that way madness lies…

They’re mangling Don’t Stop Believing.  Why?  Oh, that’s right, we have to fill 60 minutes.  And it’s not like I could go to any karaoke bar and hear this… wait… yes, I could. 

It’s a look at how hard life is as an American Idol, living your dreams, for crying out loud… 🙂

Finally… results.  Dividing into three groups of three for the Bottom Three…

  • Group 1: Megan, Matt, Kris
  • Group 2: Allison, Adam, Lil
  • Group 3: Scott, Danny, Anoop

Apparently, one of these groups is your Bottom Three.  One guess as to which one I think it is… if they’re not pulling a swerve.

Now, in a performance that is most certainly NOT live, the seventh American Idol… David Cook.  This was pretaped last week.  Cook is actually taking care of family issues after cancelling concerts on Monday and Tuesday, and goes back on the road on the East Coast on Thursday.

Back to the results…

  • Kris (9:35 pm) – SAFE (which means there is probably one B3 in each group)
  • Matt – SWERVED, but SAFE
  • Megan – BOTTOM THREE (and Megan CAWs off to the sidelines)

One group down…

  • Lil (9:37 pm) – SAFE
  • Allison – BOTTOM THREE (What the HELL????)
  • Adam – SAFE

The damn fool voters have lost their minds.  But I’m not surprised.  America has to remind me occasionally that this show isn’t about talent.

  • Danny (9:39 pm) – SAFE
  • Scott, Anoop – Going to the BOTTOM THREE… is… Anoop.

So I got one of the Bottom Three right.  I actually had Anoop in there, and then took him out and put Matt in.  Next week, I go with my first instinct. 

But before we go through the elimination, and Judges’ Save (which I think will be used if Anoop is provisionally eliminated)… Lady Gaga is next… AFTER THE BREAK…

Now I understand who Megan has been trying to sound like the last couple of weeks.  If Megan survives tonight, please take Lady Gaga off her iPod.  Thank you.

Before the break… Simon says he’d save only one of the bottom three (wonder who?)… the elimination, and the song for the save… next…

And we’re back…

  • Allison is SAFE.  Thank goodness.
  • Megan and Anoop are left.  Megan is provisionally eliminated.  Anoop is SAFE.
  • The judges’ save is summarily rejected before she even sings.  This is Megan’s farewell song.  And it’s just as much of a wreck as it was last night.  I don’t know why she got away from what worked at first.  She could have been a contender. Instead, she became the VFTW joke.  A shame.

We’re down to eight for Year of Your Birth week… Tuesday (8/7c) for a 61-minute show in front of the return of Fringe, with the results show next Wednesday at 9/8c.  Your late local news is next…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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