Saturday notes

Just got off the phone with what is becoming a third very-part-time job… I think I mentioned this before, but the guy I used to work for at Main Line, Joey Butler, is now program director and afternoon drive guy for KQDR-FM/Sherman, TX (north of Dallas and just south of the Oklahoma state line).  He’s got me voicing 2-3 spots a week for their local advertisers.  So if you know anyone in the Dallas area, who listens to 107.3 The Doc, and wonders who that voiceover guy who sounds like me is… it’s probably me.

The word is that American Idol is partnering with iTunes this week, for a theme show based on the iTunes Hot 100.  I wonder if anyone is going to take a shot at Britney Spears’ rather childish pun/title, “If You Seek Amy” (say it out loud).  Actually, on the monthly promo CD that I subscribe to (from Promo Only out of Orlando, if you’re curious), it appears that the radio edit of the song is called “If You See Amy”, thus removing the joke (and the entire reason for the song?).

Another track on this month’s Promo Only is a cover of Wham!’s “Careless Whisper”… by Seether.  The really odd part is that it works.  I just wonder how many alt-rock radio listeners will realize they’re listening to a remake of an ‘80’s pop track…

Next-to-last, a quick plug for my weekend employer – we’re doing a cool contest on the two stations I’m NOT on (93.1 the Wolf and 98.9 Liberty) which will end up with one listener on each station winning tickets to both May NASCAR races in Richmond, plus pit and VIP passes… and the winners will earn their tix.   It goes through G-Force Karts, near RIR.  Qualifiers on each station participate in a weekly elimination kart race… the top two from each race go to their station’s final race the week before NASCAR Weekend… and the winner of each station’s final gets a NASCAR weekend to remember.  Country fans should listen to Mike Levay and K2 (10am-7pm) weekdays on the Wolf to qualify for Thunder Thursdays… and listeners who like “anything” should listen to Jeff Beck 5:30-10am weekdays on Liberty for a shot at Fast Lane Fridays.

Finally, a parable.  Somewhere in Richmond, a business owner is counting the take.  They saw the end coming, and decided to cash in.  Creating a buzz for the end of an era, they saw larger-than-usual attendance in the final weeks.  They sold the memories for one last cash grab.  If they’d managed the business with the enthusiasm they showed at the end… it’d have all ended differently.  But they always had a hard time staying out of their own way…

See you tomorrow on the radio, noon-5pm on 107.3 BBT (and, possibly, in a commercial or two on 107.3 The Doc in Sherman!)…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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