Endings and such

Hockey season ended tonight in Richmond.  What we don’t know is if it’s going to end for one off-season, or longer.

As are a lot of minor pro sports franchises, the Richmond Renegades are having problems renewing sponsors for next season.  Without sponsors, there probably isn’t enough money to run the club.  We’ll find out on April 30.

By April 30, we’ll also be 3 weeks into a baseball season that will start without Richmond — the Braves are in Gwinnett County, Georgia, and their eventual replacement will play out its current lease in Norwich, Connecticut for this season.  And, if Richmond doesn’t lock in a stadium plan quickly, that Norwich team isn’t coming in 2010, or anytime soon.  Minor League Baseball is simply not going to allow The Outdated Diamond to be a long-term solution for any club.  They’ll only allow the move if there is a new stadium signed, sealed, and groundbroken.

By April 30, we’ll also be almost 5 weeks out from the closing of the ComedySportz Improv Theatre.  Oddly, they invited me back to see a show before they closed.  I’m not sure I understand that, but it probably goes without saying that I declined.

You have to wonder what else may close up shop over the next few months.  While I think the economy will start to stagger back to its feet later this year, it may be too late for a lot of marginal enterprises.  And I don’t think we’ve seen the biggest of the failures — Circuit City will be the tip of a rather large iceberg.

I’m tired of things closing.  We need some good news.

Well, the new Dave & Buster’s at Short Pump is hiring.  I guess that counts.

See you on the radio (Sunday noon-5).


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