American Idol 8 Finals: Round 2 Results

A break from the sarcasm… something about a well-known name in my age group dying,  especially from something as seemingly trivial as a fall on a beginner ski slope, just doesn’t make sense.  Condolences from here to the family and friends of actress Natasha Richardson.

So… we find out the 11th-place finisher tonight… the last one to miss the Idol Tour… or DO WE?  After all, the Judges’ Save is still in play.  But America has voted… and with 58 minutes of filler… THIS… is American Idol! *music cue*

We start with the montage… and Seacrest’s repeated harping about a “surprise”.  We’ll see…

Oh, great, the Awkward Group Number – “Trouble” (oh, could they have picked a better title?)… at least they were smart enough to put the blind guy behind a piano instead of having him try to navigate on stage!

And now, the Ford Music Video segment.  The less said the better… and to think I own a Ford, and thus indirectly contributed to these ridiculous segments. 🙂

Behind the scenes… LAST WEEK!  Really, guys, make this a 30-minute show next season.  Stop the madness.  A-a-a-a-a-and… the random interview questions.  GET TO THE RESULTS!!!!!

And here we go…

  • Danny (9:18 pm) – ON THE TOUR (safe)
  • Lil (9:19 pm) – ON THE TOUR
  • Anoop (9:20 pm) – ON THE TOUR
  • Allison, Michael (9:20 pm) – Allison BOTTOM THREE, then, after a pause, Michael BOTTOM THREE (two of my guesses are in the danger zone)


Brad Paisley performs.  Must be “Grand Old Opry” week.

  • Scott (9:35 pm) – ON THE TOUR
  • Megan (9:36 pm) – ON THE TOUR (which means I missed my third Bottom Three guess)
  • Matt (9:37 pm) – ON THE TOUR
  • Kris (9:38 pm) – ON THE TOUR
  • Alexis, Adam (9:39 pm) – After the judges’ bickering (to kill time)… Alexis BOTTOM THREE, Adam ON THE TOUR

With Allison, Michael, and Alexis in the bottom three, it’s clear that America didn’t base their calls on last night’s performances (but do they ever)?

  • One of them goes back to the bus (9:40 pm) – Allison is on the tour!!! I’m stunned, and happy for her (and, to be honest, the competition, because she spices up what could become a very boring bunch).

While I’m surprised Alexis is in the Bottom Two, frankly, neither one did enough to stand out to the Great Unwashed.  So… after a break, and more time killing, we’ll send Alexis home reveal the 11th-place finisher.

We’re back… and VFTW’s favorite Farmbot – Carrie Underwood – is back to duet with Randy Travis.

  • OK, let’s get it over with: Michael ON THE TOUR, Alexis TENTATIVELY ELIMINATED.
  • Now… do the judges make the save?  She’s about to sing for her spot.  Let’s find out if “Jolene” can save Alexis… um… I don’t think so…
  • No save.  Alexis is going home.

Motown Week next week – Wednesday 8-10 Eastern and Thursday 8-9 Eastern (due to Pres. Obama’s Tuesday address)… your late local news is next.


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