So I mentioned, in passing, that I might have to go to Main Line early today to fix our various computer clocks.

Unfortunately, and not for lack of trying to avoid it, I was right.

Before I left the complex yesterday, I had set the master computer to switch to daylight time automatically.  This, according to the software vendor, should have updated all of the clocks in all of our stations.

It completely and totally failed to do so.

Not only that… but on the one computer that did update, the computer time was one hour ahead of the on-air scheduler time, which is supposed to be impossible.

It took about 30 minutes to figure out and clean up the problem – it would have taken less ordinarily, but it was 7:00 AM. 🙂

I have come to the conclusion, finally, after almost 6 years at Main Line, that I am simply going to have to adjust to the fact that I am getting up early on time-change Sundays and trudging in to clean up what would be automatic if the software vendor had a clue…

*yawn* With my “live” noon-2:30 show safely recorded (I hope), I’m off to a nap before going back to put VCU basketball on the air.  Go Rams!  I want to have fun with my tournament credential tomorrow night! 🙂


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