RHIP take 2

So about that blank post…

I was trying to blog from a remote location… here’s what the blog was supposed to say…

RHIP: Which means Radio Hath Its Privileges.  I’m tapping this out on my iPod Touch between games of the CAA Tournament, with the press pass provided by my weekend employer.  All those weekends slaving over a hot audio board finally paid off.

I just watched Mason take JMU down, with Northeastern and Towson next.  This was also an opportunity to catch up with VCU Hall of Famer Terry Sisisky, who’s calling the games for ESPN Radio 950 tonight.  Actually, he called the first game for their website, as ESPN Radio is doing Richmond basketball right now.

BUT… I’m on the floor of the CAA Tournament, and you aren’t.  For one night, at least, you wish you were me.

Unfortunately, when I tried to send that to WordPress, the overloaded CAA wireless routers at courtside gave real work priority over my blog… 🙂 and thus, somehow, a blank page was sent instead of my tapping.

That’s OK.  I was coming home at halftime of NU-Towson anyway… with the DST switch tomorrow, and a LONG day ahead of me (possibly going in early to fix the time zones on our on-air computers, then doing my show, then board ops for the VCU-ODU game)… I need sleep.

But first… the atmosphere of the Mason-JMU game was awesome.  I found a quiet spot near the Mason courtside student section — and by quiet, I mean not a lot of foot traffic, because the Mason section itself was anything but quiet.  Especially when the section of JMU fans above me started taunting the Mason pep band… in good clean dirty fun, of course.   If Mason gets to Monday night, the atmosphere of two Virginia schools playing for the CAA title will be off the hook.

On the other hand, the NU-Towson crowd was a bit more subdued — neither student section was in use, other than the band members, and not a lot of fans of the Boston and Baltimore-based schools made the trip.    Tomorrow’s doubleheader will be another story in contrasts — the VCU-ODU crowd will be wild, and the Mason-(NU/Towson) crowd will feel like the game is at the Patriot Center.

My credential is good for the whole tournament, of course… and I’m not scheduled to work Monday’s game, even if VCU makes it… so on Monday night, if all goes well… for the second time this week, you’ll wish you were me. 🙂

See you on the radio tomorrow. 🙂  Noon daylight time.  It’ll be a short show, but fun nonetheless.  At least, I think so.


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