From blizzard to heat wave

What a crazy week…

Last Sunday night, it started snowing early in the evening, and didn’t stop until Monday afternoon, leaving 6-12 inches of snow on the ground across Richmond.

Tuesday and Wednesday, temperatures dropped to record lows of 11 and 10 degrees, respectively.

As I type this on Saturday afternoon, it’s 75 degrees.  We could hit record high temperatures in the low-to-mid-80’s tomorrow.  I’m sure there are meteorologists who are trying to figure out if Richmond has ever had record lows and record highs 4 days apart…

Where else but Richmond could it be 75 degrees while you can look out the window at piles of still-melting snow?

This is why we make the joke here that “if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes and it’ll change”.  Oh, and the forecast is that we could be back in the 40’s by Friday.  I think everyone in Richmond is sick or coming down with something… 🙂

Here’s the numbers, in case you were curious – normal highs are 53-55, lows 33-35, at this time of year:

  • Sunday 3/1 – high 35, low 32 – record precipitation 0.93” (officially 4.3” of snow, but there was a LOT more)
  • Monday 3/2 – high 33, low 17
  • Tuesday 3/3 – high 30, record low 11 degrees
  • Wednesday 3/4 – high 37, record low 10 degrees
  • Thursday 3/5 – high 53, low 22
  • Friday 3/6 – high 70, low 38
  • Saturday 3/7 – high 75, forecast low mid 50’s
  • Sunday 3/8 – forecast high around 80 (record is 85), forecast low mid 50’s

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