American Idol 8: The Vegas Odds

These are “for entertainment only” odds from sportsbook director John Avello at Wynn Casino Las Vegas – I guess you can’t actually bet American Idol there – through the Las Vegas Review Journal:

  • Danny Gokey 4-1
  • Alexis Grace 5-1
  • Lil Rounds 6-1
  • Scott McIntyre 8-1
  • Adam Lambert 9-1
  • Allison Iraheta 10-1
  • Matt Giraud 12-1
  • Anoop Desai 15-1 (really?)
  • Megan Joy 20-1 (at some point, she’s going to lose her last name – like Chickeze last year? – as she said in a press conference late in the week that it’s her ex-husband’s name and she’d like to get away from it)
  • Jorge Nunes 25-1
  • Jasmine Murray 30-1
  • Michael Sarver 40-1
  • Kris Allen 50-1

I think Anoop  is definitely an overlay* at 15-1, and I’d put money on Megan at 20-1.  But I would not at all be surprised to see Avello’s final four be the actual final four… we’ll find out starting Tuesday – and don’t forget that the Wednesday results shows now move to 9pm so they can overrun into your late local news instead of into “Lie To Me”.

* Overlay (noun) – gambling term for a wager that would pay far more than its expected value. 🙂


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