American Idol 8: The Wild Cards

8 singers.  3 spots.  No voting.  The final twelve (or so) are set tonight… THIS… is American Idol!

And we go right into the singing:

Jesse Langseth — “Tell Me Something Good” (Rufus & Chaka Khan) – I would, but this really wasn’t.  A bit screechy and over-the-top.  Although song choice and vocals really don’t matter tonight, right? 

Matt Giraud – “Who’s Lovin’ You” (Smokey Robinson / Jackson 5) – Interesting song choice.  Also overcooked a bit.  OK.

Megan Joy Corkrey — “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” (KT Tunstall) – I liked it (except maybe the very last note).  She’s going to the finals, and she’s going to go far.

Von Smith — “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” (Elton John) – To use an Idol word, “self-indulgent”.  I think he just kicked away his second chance.

Jasmine Murray — “Reflection” (Christina Aguilera) – Unfortunately, you did show who you are.  I think Jesse can breathe a bit easier now… Jasmine is just not ready for this.

Ricky Braddy — “Superstition” (Stevie Wonder) – Good job, but he really needs Anoop to blow up to have a chance.

Tatiana Del Toro — “Saving All My Love For You” (Whitney Houston) – Big mistake – she did the same song as her semi-final.  She did it pretty well, again… but I don’t think she’s going any further.  Although what almost happened with Ryan… 🙂

Anoop Desai — “My Prerogative” (Bobby Brown) – If he had sung this in the semifinals, he wouldn’t be here tonight.  He was going through anyway, but he definitely deserves it now.

No changes in my prediction – Anoop, Megan Joy, and Jesse are going through.

Here we go…

  • Jasmine Murray: IN (ruh roh, Jesse)
  • Ricky: OUT
  • Megan Joy Corkrey, Tatiana: Megan IN, Tatiana OUT (with a Paula-esque nervous breakdown at the judges’ table)
  • Jesse: OUT
  • Von: OUT
  • Matt Giraud, Anoop Desai: Here’s the twist – both IN, it’s a Top 13 next week!

And your finalists (with my comments, natch) are:

  • Alexis Grace – cute, bubbly, not going far.  If things go badly, she may be first out next week.
  • Danny Gokey – will quickly generate a loyal voting fanbase, will go far, and is my MJ’s Big Blog pool pick to win this thing.
  • Michael Sarver – nope.  A week or two, but not around for long.
  • Allison Iraheta – I hope she goes far, but she’s going to be this season’s Amanda Overmyer.  The rocker chick who goes out too early.
  • Kris Allen – mid-level talent.
  • Adam Lambert – will the kissing-a-guy pics ruin it for him?  Maybe.
  • Lil Rounds – Top 3, maybe top 2.  Not sure she can beat the Widower Gokey, but she has time to change that.
  • Scott McIntyre – He’ll last a while. Maybe top 4 or 5.
  • Jorge Nunez – Gone early.  First couple of weeks, maybe a little longer if he can grow his fanbase.
  • Jasmine Murray – I don’t think the voters will love her as much as the judges do.
  • Megan Joy Corkrey – If she makes the right song choices, could make the top 4.
  • Matt Giraud – another mid-level talent.
  • Anoop Desai – he needs to catch on quickly with the fans, but if he does, he could go deep.

My predicted top 4 right now: Danny, Anoop, Lil, Megan Joy.  The finals start Tuesday night.  The vile and despicable Gordon Ramsey is next…


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