American Idol 8 Semifinals: Third Results

So… do “Blind” Scott, Nathaniel, and Lil go through (and will they announce Lil first, to generate a little suspense, as I asked in this blog last week)? Does Vote For The Worst get Alex into the Top 12?  Or are we all wrong?

There’s only one way to find out… because THIS… is American Idol!

Good, they’re going to announce the Wild Cards at the end of the show. We can assess the three plants Wild Card winners pretty quickly, methinks.

Quick aside: should Adam Lambert sing “I Kissed A Girl” at some point during the competition? You know, for the irony?

…we have our “this is their journey” montage, and the group karaoke assassination of “Hot and Cold” that would have been more appropriate for the Brady Bunch Variety Hour, both of which would go away if I produced a tighter 30-minute results show…

…after the break, it’s the “everything you watched last night, only less” montage… a quick chat with a few of the contestants… and… after too much time wasting (again)…

Bring on the results:

  • Lil Rounds (8:17pm) – Lil goes through, giving the Pimp Spot a perfect 3-for-3… and I want a producer credit, damnit. 🙂
  • Arianna, Taylor, Alex, Kendall, Scott (8:21 pm) – we have a finalist in this list. Of course, we find out… “after the break”… but it has to be Scott, right?
  • Back to those 5 (8:26 pm) – Arianna OUT, Taylor OUT, Alex OUT (sorry, VFTW), we’re down to Kendall and Scott… and the finalist is… Scott McIntyre. And all of the third-seat suspects remain while Scott sings…
  • Nathaniel, Kristen (8:36 pm) – I’m surprised American didn’t Vote For The Kitsch.  But they’re both OUT.
  • Felicia, Von (8:37 pm) – So Von fumbled what should have been a gift-wrapped Finals spot.  They’re both OUT.
  • Ju’Not, Jorge (8:39 pm) – Obviously, one of them is a Finalist.  And we’ll get the answer… NOT after the break, but right now… it’s Jorge Nunez.  Jorge will sing us out later… but there’s more business. 

It’s Wild Card time.  We meet the second-chance brigade… after the break.

  • Randy drafts… Von Smith.  Not at ALL surprised here.
  • Kara drafts… Jasmine Murray.  Hmm… interesting choice.  I thought she’d blown it badly in week 2.
  • Paula drafts… Ricky Braddy.  Absolutely not a surprise.  He was pimped hard in week 1.
  • Simon drafts… Megan Joy Corkrey.  YOU GO GIRL!  Um… good choice.

The second round of the expansion draft… after the break.

  • Randy’s second choice… Tatiana Del Toro.  THE CRAZY HAS ARRIVED!  Um… well, she did a decent job on her semifinal.
  • Kara’s second choice… Matt Giraud.  OK, I can see this choice… needs a better song choice than Coldplay, though…
  • Paula’s second choice… Jesse Langseth.  Kind of surprised… there wasn’t really enough in her semifinal for this…
  • Simon’s second choice… Anoop Desai.  Would’ve been stunned if it weren’t him.

Quick picks: Anoop, Megan, and probably Jesse.  Tatiana’s the VFTW wild-card, but won’t go further… and with 6 guys and 3 girls in the finals, they *have* to take 2 girls tomorrow night.

Jorge gets cut off, and Lie To Me is next…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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