You know a basketball game is a blowout when…

…the announcers start wandering all over to fill time.

Today, as VCU ran and hid from Georgia State on 107.3 BBT, a game for which I ran the studio, Rams voice Robby Robinson noticed a well-dressed and bow-tied coach on the Georgia State bench and asked color man Mike Ellis who that was…

Ellis: That’s their assistant coach, Scepter Brownlee.

Robinson: Well, with a name like Scepter, he has to wear a bow-tie, right?  (imagining meeting Brownlee’s family) Yes, this is my son, Scepter… my daughter, Shield… and Bow and Arrow, our dogs.

Well… *I* thought it was funny.  Then again, I’d been at the station for 8 1/2 hours when I heard that…


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