American Idol 8: Setting the Stage

Before the carnage, some non-singing stuff:

The Format: The 36 semifinalists are divided into three flights of 12.  Each has one two-hour show to impress America.  From each group, the top male vote getter, top female vote getter, and the highest vote getter from the other 10 advance to the Top 12 Finals.  Some of the other 9 will come back for the Wild Card round after the third semifinal.  The judges will pick three Wild Cards (conventional wisdom is that this allows for producer plants to get “saved” from America), and we’ll have our 12.

Airdates: Obviously, the first live performance show is tonight.  The results air tomorrow at 8 e/p.  Due to President Obama’s first State of the Union address, next week’s shows are pushed back one day.  Flight Two performs Wednesday, February 25 and gets their results Thursday, February 26.  Flight Three performs Tuesday, March 3 and gets their results Wednesday, March 4, with the Wild Card announcement on Thursday, March 5.  The roller-coaster ride we call the American Idol Finals start on Tuesday, March 10.

What you’ll see here: I’ll do a capsule review of each performer, and then predict what America will do – and also tell you what I’d do.  I’ll be typing live and will post as soon as Ryan Seacrest announces that your late local news is next.

So in just a few minutes… THIS… is American Idol!

See you after the show.


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