American Idol 8: Here we go…

While the actual American Idol competition doesn’t start until Tuesday night, man, are we off to a good start…

One semifinalist, Joanna Pacitti, was disqualified after the Hollywood Week shows were taped.  While Fox isn’t saying why, the most likely explanation is that two high-level executives of Idol’s production company, 19 Entertainment, are close friends of hers!!  Interestingly, the word had gotten out in mid-January, but Pacitti wasn’t officially DQ’ed until this past Wednesday.  Now part of that, of course, is that Fox didn’t want this hanging over the Hollywood Week telecasts… but the real question is this… considering that new judge Kara DioGuardi had spotted Joanna as an industry veteran at her initial tryout – why wasn’t this checked long before Hollywood Week?  For that matter, considering that she blew the lyrics on two Hollywood Week numbers, how’d she get to the Top 36 in the first place?

And we have our first Vote For The Worst favorite.  The somewhat manic and possibly unbalanced Tatiana Del Toro – who has laughed, cried, prayed, and agitated her way through auditions and Hollywood Week – performs on Tuesday night.  It is a near-certainty that VFTW will try to bring out the vote for Tatiana, so that we can get our minimum weekly requirement of drama in the Finals… keep in mind that the semifinal format this year makes block voting worthwhile.  Only three of the performers on Tuesday will be voted through – top male, top female, and top vote-getter other than those two.  With Danny Gokey riding his dead wife to the Finals (sorry that comes off as crass, but watch the shows – sheesh…) and Anoop Desai figuring to get votes because he does have talent… you’ve got 6 women fighting for one Finals berth.  And looking over the 6 who perform Tuesday… the producers have pretty much given Tatiana a free ride.  So join the fun Tuesday… make a drinking game of it… down a shot whenever they play Tatiana’s annoying laugh… a shot when she thanks God… a shot when she cries… a double when she argues with the judges… you’ll be drunk within 30 minutes… 🙂

AI’s “Best Season Ever” is shaping up to be a laugh riot… be there for the fun… Tuesday night at 8 on Fox.  Results Wednesday night at 8.  Intense second-guessing Wednesday night at 9 (that won’t be on Fox).


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