Grammy night thoughts

I wonder if the Grammys will make note of the fact that 45 years ago tomorrow, the Beatles made their first live US TV appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show… probably not, since they’re hyping the Taylor Swift/Miley Cyrus duet, and their combined ages don’t get close to 45… 🙂

Actually, after listening to both Swift and Cyrus sing live on other awards shows… I have one question.  Do you think they’d make it through an American Idol audition?  I don’t.  I think Simon Cowell would shred both of them…

…unfortunately, speaking of Idol, 36 people have to get through to the AI semifinals this year, and man, is that going to be a train wreck.  I haven’t heard 36 people who are talented, so I expect the judges to be encouraged to pass through some perfomers for the drah-ma…

And the format is going to be interesting.  Instead of the slow drop from 24 to 20 to 16 to the final 12, the final 36 will be divided into three flights of 12.  In each flight, America will vote 3 performers to the final 12.  After the three semifinals, the judges will name the last 3 finalists.  Now everything I read indicated that the last 3 would come from the 27 semifinalists… but Katrina “Bikini Girl” Darnell, eliminated from Hollywood Week, indicated in an interview that she thinks she’s got a shot at being a finals Wild Card… so does that mean that everyone from Hollywood Week gets to be considered for those last 3 spots?

The producers have also given the good folks at Vote For The Worst a chance to really wreak havoc this year.  With the one-shot semifinal format, all the Worsters have to do is pick one really bad performance each semifinal and flood the phones.  VFTW could put three “performers” into the finals.  I’m sure they’re salivating at the thought – and if they succeed, well, blame 19 and Fox for making it so easy to do so.

The producers can’t really afford for this to go too badly… they open The American Idol Experience at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this week.  The lure is a free pass to the second round of a live audition – Experience winners don’t have to see faceless production assistants first, they go right into an audition with the judges.  That means there has to be an audition process, otherwise what’s the point?  So there has to be a season 9 of AI.  Right?

But that’s all for now… AI alumnus Carrie Underwood is performing at the Grammys… it’s difficult to type while staring at the television… 🙂


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