American Idol stuff

For the one or two of you who may have read my AI blogs last season, I wanted to note that I don’t plan to blog until we get to something vaguely resembling competition.

Delusional bad singers, and bad signers who are looking for the William Hung exit on the road to stardom, as well as a few good singers who make it to Hollywood… well, that’s all fun, but not worth investing a lot of time in.

Word on the Idol blogs is that this may be the most plantworthy season yet… the last few years, Idol has seeded the field with failed solo artists and stage actors.  You can check the latest plants in the Idol forest here.

Word is that the Round of 36 (yes, 36 semi-finalists this year) starts on February 17.  That’s when I’ll start blogging the show again.

There’ll be three rounds of 12 performers each, with America voting three on to the finals each week.  On March 5, the judges will select 3 of the remaining 24 to complete the finals field.  The Final 12 start eliminations on March 10.

This… could be interesting.  Especially if Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell actually qualifies for anything…


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