YARB (Yet Another Random Blog)

I don’t know how your year started, but at least you didn’t declare a living friend of yours dead on national TV (I’m sure Charlie Rose feels awful)…

Some random thoughts floating around…

  • So I think I figured out why I had the huge burst of activity the other day (I had 115 views in one day, which is about as many as I’d had in the entire previous month).  It somehow ties to my visit to ComedySportz Chicago… probably because, when I was there, and while I was waiting for a ticket to the sold-out second show, I had mentioned that I had worked for the Richmond franchise a few years back.  Then, when I got back to Richmond, I sent a thank-you email to CSz Chicago to thank them for their kindness and for the entertainment.  The theory: either (1) they had my email address and followed it to my blog or (2) they mentioned to the Richmond franchise that one of their former people had visited CSz Chicago and the Richmonders immediately sprinted to Google to see if I had blogged about them.  Some of them are so vain, they probably think this blog is about them, too… hmm… I think I’ve stolen that Carly Simon line before…
  • Speaking of That Place… it was with a mix of amusement and sadness that I discovered a prediction of mine may have come true.  When I was bounced, I told a couple of That Place’s most fervent defenders that they would understand my situation better one day.  For one of them, it appears that “one day” came in the late summer (yes, I just found out, after all, I don’t have any direct contacts there anymore!)… karma may not be instant, but it eventually works out…
  • For those who are curious (and for those who aren’t), my shoulder, while sore, has mostly recovered.   It’s still a bit sore if I move too quickly, or in an unusual direction… but not sore enough to subject myself to torture — I mean — physical therapy.
  • This is weird: I’m no longer the oldest person on my Facebook page… 🙂 of all people, my somewhat-technophobic mom joined Facebook today.  So did the afternoon jock at 107.3 BBT, Tony Booth, who’s been in radio almost as long as I’ve been around, for heaven’s sake…
  • And, finally, in the “radio weirdness” department… at the end of most radio sports broadcasts, you hear the production credits rundown… executive producer, site engineer, and studio engineers.  At Main Line, there are two of us who do most of the studio engineering for our sports broadcasts (University of Richmond on 93.1 the Wolf, VCU on 107.3 BBT)… me, and our Traffic Manager, Brian Woodward.  Well, not once, but twice, in the last few weeks (once by Bob Black on a Richmond game, and once by Robby Robinson on a VCU game), they thanked their studio engineer, “Rob Woodward”.  Well, at least I got top half-billing, I suppose… 🙂

And for those who missed my regular advertising… I’m on 107.3 BBT (107.3 FM Richmond, 100.3 FM Petersburg) tomorrow and every Sunday noon-5pm, and every Saturday 10am-3pm (unless pre-empted by VCU, of course!)… see you on the radio…


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

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