Is personal blogging dying?

Writer Nicholas Carr makes his case on his blog (ironically enough)… I wanted to pick up one quote…

‘[T]o argue that [today’s popular blogs are] part of a “blogosphere” that is distinguishable from the “mainstream media” seems more and more like an act of nostalgia…’

I think he’s right, and I have a bit of anecdotal evidence…

I have about a dozen friends whose blogs are in my RSS reader.  Over the last 3 months, three of them have written new posts at all, two have written more than one, and only one has written “regularly”.

At the same time, non-personal blogging — blogs from corporate websites, and team blogging (including the big-name sports blogs) — is on the rise.

And look at the blogs you read — are they personal?  One person’s take on their world?  Probably not.

Blogs as personal journals are starting to fade out.

Blogs as professional publications are starting to fade in.

Did you blog?  If you did, what are you writing now?

Do you read blogs?  Any of your friends still writing their blogs?

And, in the end, is this a problem… or just the Internet being commercialized as every other communications medium in history has?


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