Birthday musings…

With the big day (*cough*) coming tomorrow (am I really 45?)… two things I found when researching the birthday segment for my radio show today…

First, while tomorrow is my birthday, today is Robert Hoffman‘s birthday.  That’d be the actor/comedian who’s done some work with Nick Cannon (that’s where I’d seen him, on Wild’n’Out) and may be best known for the movie Step Up 2 — he turns 28 today.   It was funny earlier this year when a website I emailed thought I was him… I don’t know why, he spells his last name wrong…  Some incidental weirdness – like me, he’s named for his dad.  His mother’s name is Charlotte – my maternal grandmother’s name is Charlotte.  Small world. 🙂

Second… I think I may have chosen the wrong birthday. 🙂  A quick look at the most famous names celebrating birthdays around mine… on September 21, it’s Bill Murray… on September 23, it’s Bruce Springsteen… on my birthday (9/22)… Scott Baio?  I wuz robbed.

Oh well… until next time… 🙂


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