Hole in their logic?

So I watch Fox’s much-hyped Hole In The Wall tonight.  I wish I knew why.  This is the show that “took the world by storm”?   There’s no play-along or empathy value, we don’t get to know the contestants at all, the hosts are shrill and annoying (although Brooke Burns adds value when the mute button is hit)… so tell me why I care to watch?  Hole In Fox’s Lineup airs twice more this week.  I won’t guarantee there’ll be many more airings after that.  Well, at least it’ll give Fox an excuse to rush The Moment of Truth back on the air… wait, is that a good thing?

On the other hand, a show that Fox gave up on too quickly, The Rich List, is being reborn by GSN as The Money List.  Now, that, I’ll be watching.  I don’t think a premiere date has been announced yet other than “this fall”.

Elsewhere, you may have heard that the MTV Video Music Awards aired tonight.  No, I won’t mention the irony of a channel that stopped airing music videos years ago continuing to give out awards.  What I will mention is that things at Viacom/MTV Networks are so bad that they put up a slide on VH-1 during the VMAs saying “Why aren’t you watching the VMAs on MTV?  We are.  Love, VH-1”.  The banner would occasionally “peel away” to show a “live look-in” (with an ad banner taking up 3/4 of the screen).  This decision, basically, makes no sense.  They should have either simulcast the live show, or aired something that would appeal to a different audience… I don’t know, maybe the third series of World Series of Pop Culture that they never produced? 🙂

Ah well… TV continues, in many ways, to be a vast wasteland we can’t take our eyes off of…

I’ll just leave you with a mention of the Amethyst Initiative — which makes the completely unsurprising case that the 21-year-old drinking age has placed drinking by 18- to 20-year-olds out of the reach of any responsible supervision.  Apparently the lesson of Prohibition — making drinking illegal also makes it more alluring — was lost on the generation that forced the increase in the drinking age through 25 years ago.  It’s also lost on the people who are blindly yelping about this now.  If we can send 18-year-olds off to die in Iraq and Afghanistan, we can damn sure legally let them drink.  At least that way, they can be served by people who have a legal responsibility to keep them from driving drunk or drinking themselves to death.  And that’s the real point of the Initiative — it’s organized by college officials who know that their underclassmen are drinking, and legally have their hands tied as to what they can do about it.  They’d rather it be legal, so that if there is drinking, it can be supervised and controlled… rather than hidden from view as parents of kids who die of alcohol poisoning sue them.  OK, so it’s not completely altrustic.  But it’s a discussion that needs to be held.


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