Thanks for ruining the fun, NBC

As you probably know if you’ve watched NBC at all in the last two months, Deal or No Deal has its first Million Dollar winner tonight.

It would have been much more fun to watch if NBC didn’t go so far out of its way to spoil the results.  I mean really… hint at it… slyly suggest it… but to spend weeks saying SOMEONE WILL WIN THE MILLION OMG kind of ruins the fun for anyone who likes the drama that a game show can generate.

I can only hope that NBC doesn’t get the ratings it thinks it’ll get — maybe they’ll think twice about giving away the ending weeks before the show even airs.

(edit) Actually, this was spoiled badly early on – at least one NBC commercial showed Howie Mandel opening up case #4, seeing the $1 million, and the confetti flying.  That spot was pulled quickly, but it was memorable.  And guess what case tonight’s contestant picked?  So even if they hadn’t hit you over the head over and over and over again… you knew.  And that’s a shame.


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