NASCAR + Hanna = nightmare?

As you probably know, it’s NASCAR week in Virginia.  The races are scheduled to run Friday night (Nationwide series) and Saturday night (Nextel Cup series).

There’s another schedule that looks a bit problematic.  Seems that Hurricane Hanna is still expected to make landfall early Friday in the Carolinas and then race up the Applachians.  If the path holds, the rain shield from Hanna will get into central Virginia Friday and not leave until sometime late Saturday.

So this is one way it could all play out…

Friday: NASCAR cancels qualifying and practice first — both races’ fields are set by owner points — and then late in the afternoon, cancels the Nationwide race and tentatively reschedules it for Sunday (probably 1:00 pm).

Saturday: The rains continue.  NASCAR waits as long as it can, but late Saturday night it becomes apparent that there won’t be a race that night.  The Nextel Cup race is moved to Sunday afternoon.  Since there are so many drivers who run both the Nextel Cup and Nationwide series, there’s no way both races can be run the same day, so the Nationwide series race is pushed to Monday morning (10 am or 11 am).

Sunday: The Nextel Cup race is run in front of a less-than-full grandstand, possibly with a short yellow-flag segment at the start of the race to allow the teams to get a handle on tire wear and track conditions.

Monday: The Nationwide series race is run in front of family, friends, and ESPN cameras.

So instead of having very little competition for TV ratings for The One Before The Chase, it might wind up playing out during NFL football on Sunday.  And I don’t even think one wants to speculate on Nationwide ratings on Monday morning… 🙂

(edit) Yes, this is speculation.  The reality will be updated at as decisions are made. 🙂


Author: Rob Hoffmann

Occasional blogger, slightly less occasional improv player/ref/tech, full-time computer techie, radio producer (basketball, mostly), generally nice person (if you ask me).

2 thoughts on “NASCAR + Hanna = nightmare?”

  1. NASCAR has run the Nationwide and Cup races on the same day before, as recently as the 2nd Daytona race last year. I think it’s more likely they’ll scrap the weekend entirely if it looks like it’s headed straight for the track.

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