The Internet Strikes Again!

So nobody wanted to investigate the PRC’s 14-year-old 16-year-olds.  Journalists on site looked the other way… the US gymnastics governing body and the USOC said “what can we do?”… the IOC mumbled something about the spirit of the Olympics…

…and one intrigued blogger actually went and Googled the “16”-year-old PRC gymnast in question and found official PRC records indicating she was 14.

And this is where the PRC’s form of government will hurt the argument.  It’s a rigidly ruled Communist state.  So when the PRC claims “rogue officials” forged documents to make the 14-year-old gymnast appear to be 16… and that is the most likely defense… we all know there is no way for anyone in the PRC to go “rogue” without government approval.  When — not if — more proof comes out, anyone with half a brain will see that the PRC sanctioned government-forged passports to allow underage gymnasts to compete in the Olympic Games.

There’s a word for that.


Then again, the PRC has always been a bit odd.  This is just odder than most.  And sad, really… although what’s sadder is the American contingent saying that “this proves we shouldn’t have the rule” — since, they claim, you can’t enforce an age limit, just don’t have one.

Sorry – gymnastics is borderline-creepy enough as it is.  Removing the age limit also removes the “borderline”.  Or to steal a comment I read on another blog – anyone who wonders why Alicia Sacramone is going to be the breakout name of these Games shouldn’t… I think the blog comment was something like “she’s hot and you can say that without feeling like you’re leering at children”.  Oh, and she throws a mean left hook, as a YouTube video indicates…

Anyway, I’ve meandered enough.  Enjoy the final weekend of the Olympics… I’ll see you on the radio this weekend… and Deal or No Deal is back Monday…  yay…


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