A few things on my mind

…none of which would make up a blog post on their own…

  • Brett Favre:  The Packers deserve whatever misery they get this season for letting a passive-aggressive egomaniac jerk them around.  They also deserve to have Aaron Rodgers ask for a trade the minute Favre shows up in training camp.  Favre has played the Packers for fools for years.  Now, they’re reaping what they’ve sown.  My brother, the Bears fan, will be thrilled.
  • Olympics ’08: I have a bad feeling about these Games.  I get the sense that China’s not really ready for this… and they will do something stupid when an athlete who’s used to freedom of expression forgets where they are.
  • The Muppets Are Back! On Disney Channel… which means the show is heavily targeted to the tween audience.  I watched 15 minutes of the debut of Studio DC: Almost Live… and quickly realized I was 30 years too old for the show. 🙂  That might have been because of the Miley Cyrus singing appearance or the Suite Life of the Muppets sketch… not sure… but if this is the start of finding a place for the Muppets that works for people who remember The Muppet Show… more power to them.
  • Preseason football: The Redskins and Colts are playing a preseason game right now.  5 weeks before the start of the regular season.  The game started at 8:05.  By 8:30, there won’t be a single player on the field who’ll be playing when the Redskins open the regular season on Sept. 4.  So why bother?  Because preseason games are free money for NFL owners, as they charge full price but only pay out training camp per diem money.  The carnage these games cause on their rosters is considered irrelevant.  Keep in mind that the Redskins are playing 5 preseason games before a 16-game regular season.  This is the equivalent of a 50-game baseball preseason (baseball plays 25-30 games).   Considering how much players cost these days… this is incredibly wasteful.
  • The debacle at the Diamond: There is one month left in the 2008 minor league season, and we still don’t know what team will play baseball in Richmond in 2009, if any team does.  I suspect we’re going to wind up with the independent Atlantic League in ’09, and a new affiliated team in ’10.
  • Beheadings, the new hip murder method: First the Greyhound beheading in Canada, and now a story just broke that a Greek man beheaded his girlfriend (now that’s a breakup).  In both cases, the killers proudly showed off the severed heads before trying to escape and being capture.  How soon before knives are outlawed, I wonder?

And that’s a quick look inside my wandering mind… enjoy Barack Obama’s birthday tomorrow… 🙂


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